Bake Iconic French Macarons

Étel és ital témájú élmény
A házigazda Maud
Az élmény házigazdája
Összesen 2.5 óra
Harapnivalók, Ital és 1 jegy
Elérhető nyelvek: angol és Francia
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A házigazdád, Maud
A simple French girl living in London and passionate about pastry. I work in the digital industry during the week, and I cannot wait for the weekend to welcome my guests for the pastry classes in my home. I'm fascinated by cooking and I'm in love with French patisserie, like all my family and friends. Sometimes, I take the Eurostar to Paris to attend pastry masterclass with the world's best French…
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If there is one French pastry that is the most iconic all over the world, and which everybody dreams of being able to make, then it must be macarons! You will learn to make this French small, round, glossy and colored almond based pastry. They are delicately crispy from outside and soft from within. We'll bake in small group (up to 6 people) and have tea as we enjoy the pastries. You'll learn the…
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Homemade tea 󲀃
E-recipes 󷀁
Recipes for macarons and ganaches available on my blog

Macarons 󴀁
You will go home with a box of 8 macarons
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6. életévüket betöltött vendégek vehetnek részt.
The day/time is not convenient for you? please get in touch with us and we will do our best to fit in it! We will make one flavor during the workshop. If you have any preferences please let us know.
The venue is in the heart of Chelsea neighbor and close to the famous South Kensington Museums area (only 15min walk). The place is located in a brand new apartment equipped with modern utensils and perfectly suited to learning the most meticulous of culinary techniques.
Bake Iconic French Macarons
Az élmény házigazdája Maud
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