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Visiting a bear farm, feeding bears

Visiting a bear farm, feeding bears

A házigazdád, Victor
I have been working on cruise ships sailing around Alaska (USA) 20 years ago and as an assistant guide I took part wildlife immersion experiences there. It was an unforgettable experience to view bears and other animals in natural surroundings compared too zoo where animals are locked in a small cage. Visiting such places where animals live under natural circumstances became my hobby, since th…
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We will visit a bear farm where bears live under natural circumstances in a big territory which has caves lakes and woods.This bear farm is found in the countryside about an hour drive from Budapest and about 50 km from the city so we will go by car. We will spend about 2 hours at this sanctuary and besides the bears you will see wolves and reindeers too. The high point of our trip will be the fe…
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Please wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes, feeding the bears is safe but all rules and precautions of the bear farm should be followed by all visitors during the time they stay at the farm.
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soft drink 󲀃
Honey for the bears

transportation, bear farm 󷀁
We will go by car and I will provide the ticket to the farm

ticket bear farm 󵀁
We will go by car and I will provide the ticket to the farm

honey and spoon 󳀁
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Comfortable shoes, camera or smart phone