Letna Bohemian Alternative Bar Tour.

Prague, Csehország

Az élményprogram házigazdája Daragh

6,5 óra, Az élményprogram nyelve: angol
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Akár 10 személy
A következőket foglalja magában: étel, italok, jegyek, fuvar és felszerelés

Mit fogunk csinálni?

On our tour through Letna we will explore some of the most amazing bars and clubs that this area has to offer. If you like alternative art, underground scenes, cultural oddities, and handcrafted beer then this is the tour for you! I will lead you through unforgettable places in Prague, ranging from a steampunk club to a backroom nicknamed Narnia.
Other things to note
You don't need to bring absolutely nothing but your dancing shoes.

Mit tartalmaz?

2/1. oldal
  • étkezés
    150 g Organic BBQ bacon cheese burger/ vegetarian/vegan option
  • ital
    5 large crafted microbrewery beers/ wine/ local ciders, 1 glass of Champagn...
  • jegyek
    Entry to Prague's number 1 underground steampunk club hosting DJ's playing...
  • fuvar
    Tram tickets for 2 rides
  • felszerelés
    Shisha with a variety of flavours- orange, mint, grape, watermelon, cinnamo...

Íme Daragh, a házigazdád

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Having lived in and travelled to many countries, the one thing I have constantly sought after was to discover the neighborhoods where locals lived and partied. This are the places I love so much.
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Hol leszünk?

We visit: happy- hippie tearoom with a secret room called Narnia, Art gallery bar hosting fascinating exhibitions of modern paintings,local bar with 500 types of beer in 40 meter square, Hipster style Cocktail bar and Steampunk club with 3 floors full of stages playing drum and base, techno,reggae.

196 vélemény alapján az értékelése 5/4,90.

2021. szeptember
I’ll start by saying that my friend and I attended this tour after having spent the past 40 hours awake, and the thought of taking a tour from 7:30 to 2AM after that was a little daunting. But for the duration of the tour (which ended up going even longer) I felt awake, engaged, and entertained. The tour was wonderfully customized and Daragh is delightful. I looked at other tours that bring guests to two or three locations (and generally not very interesting ones either) but we got to visit 6 different places, try all sorts of amazing drinks (and a burger!) and meet a bunch of super cool people, both the guests who joined us on the tour, and all of the bartenders, restaurant owners, and locals (and Shakespeare actors?) who Daragh was friends with at every location. Definitely the best tour I’ve been on, maybe ever, and probably the best of Prague that I’ll ever experience. I recommend going on this tour at the START of your trip, rather than the end, because Daragh introduced us to so many places that we are absolutely going to go back to throughout our time in Prague! If Daragh ever starts expanding and offering this tour in other cities, you better believe that’s going to basically decide where I’m going on my next vacation. (*Wink wink* Daragh, you should definitely expand to other cities). Overall this was absolutely amazing and the amount of local knowledge, international stories, and awesome locations on this tour deserve at least 10 out of 5 stars.
2021. szeptember
We had so much fun!!! Daragh is the perfect host who makes everyone feel welcome, and the bars/venues were spots we wouldn’t have tried on our own. This is definitely one of the best things we’ve done in Prague and wish this tour was in every city!
2021. augusztus
Darragh is a really funny and friendly guy. He knows all little details of the scene in Prague. Can’t recommend this tour more.
2021. augusztus
It was a great pleasure to meet Daragh and discover the underground Praha with him! This trip was full of really excting and unpredictable attractions. Daragh knows a lot about the history of Praha, he knows a lot of funny and interesting stories and what's the most important - he is really friendly and welcoming. He shows you all the places you would never normally see as a tourist! Definitly recommend it to anybody. - You wanna have a good party? - You wanna spend time in some uniqe places? - You wanna taste lots of diffrent original drinks? You got it all! It's good at the beggining of the trip (a lot of hints for turists) and also at the end (like it was in our situation :) ), to finish with a blast!
2021. július
Post Covid experience (July 2021):: This experience was awesome. This was our second trip to Prague and we Booked this experience because we wanted to see some off the beat places in the city. Daragh completely justified the experience. The venues he took us to were great. It was a Monday evening but still most of the places were surprisingly lively. A small dart match was also super fun. As we are vegetarians, he took us to a Vegetarian restaurant where the food was awesome, and we returned to the same restaurant the next day 😊.. The last Venue of the evening was Crossclub, an awesome theme club where most of the people were locals from the city, so you get to experience the local club culture. We definitely recommend this experience
2021. július
It was an amazing experience! Daragh is the perfect guide who shows you the real Prague and not the touristic Prague. He knows many stories about everything and everyone:-) I can highly recommend the tourm

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