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CentralOsaka Maisonnette 2min Sta nr Namba TV+Int
CentralOsaka Maisonnette 2min Sta nr Namba TV+Int
4 vendég
1 hálószoba
4 ágy
1,5 fürdőszoba
4 vendég
1 hálószoba
4 ágy
1,5 fürdőszoba

A lefele nyíl lenyomásával mozoghatsz a naptárban, és kiválaszthatsz egy dátumot. A kérdőjel billentyű lenyomásával jelenítheted meg a dátumok módosítására szolgáló billentyűparancsokat.


A lefele nyíl lenyomásával mozoghatsz a naptárban, és kiválaszthatsz egy dátumot. A kérdőjel billentyű lenyomásával jelenítheted meg a dátumok módosítására szolgáló billentyűparancsokat.

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【中文可】Maisonnette type apartment centrally located in the core part of Osaka.Only 2 mins walk away from Daikokucho station and you can reach Namba Station in 12 mins on foot or,only 1 min by train!And you can also easily catch a train to visit USJ!Super near Shinsaibashi,Tennoji,Tsutenkaku and easy access to all the attractions in Osaka!The surrounding abound with different types of restaurants,shops, super markets and convenience store.
Imternet+Poket Wifi+TV.

A kiadó hely

-- Maisonnette type
-- Entirely rented
-- Elevator in the building
-- 1 Bedroom(2 single size beds)
-- Living/Dining/Kitchen room(1 single size fold-out bed and 1 sofa bed)
-- 1.5 Bathroom(shower and toilet are separated)
-- Balconies


2 single size beds (2 Persons)
1 single size fold-out bed (1 Person)
1 sofa bed(1 Person)


MAXIMUM - 4 Guests

Vendégek hozzáférése

-- 2 single size beds (100×200cm)
-- 1 single size fold-out bed (100×200cm)
-- 1 sofa bed(100×200cm)
-- Window curtains
-- 1 pillow per bed

-- Broadband networks+Poket Wifi
-- Television and television board
-- Washing machine
-- Laundry detergent
-- Air conditioning
-- Heating
-- Vaccum
-- Low table with rug
-- Slippers
-- First aid kit

-- Refrigerator / Microwave
-- Kettle
-- Gas stove
-- Plates / Glassess / Mugs
-- Fish slice
-- Cutlery
-- Chopsticks
-- Pot / Frying Pan
-- Kitchen knife / Cutting board
-- Dish Washing Liquid and Sponge
-- Sorting trash bins

-- Bathtub,shower with hot water
-- Toilet with electric bidet
-- Washing stand
-- Free soap, shampoo,conditioner and toilet paper
-- Hand soap
-- Tissue
-- Swab
-- Hair dryer
-- Bath towels (1 per guest)
-- Face towel

-- Washing machine
-- Laundry detergent
-- Hangers

Kapcsolat a vendégekkel

Basically I can mainly communicate with my guests via Airbnb message system. And if you require any assistance in your duration of stay,please let me know.

Egyéb fontos dolgok

※If you arrive early, you can put your luggage in coin lockers at Daikokucho Station.
※The key will be on-site waiting for you. You can conveniently self check-in after check-in time.


1. When can I CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT?
- Check-in is at 3PM or Anytime after. Late check-in is always available for late night arriving flights.
- Check-out is at 10AM or anytime before.
*Early check-ins or dropping luggage before check-in time may be possible if there is no previous guest checking out on the same date.I can only confirm with you 24 hours before your check-in date.
*Late check-outs are never possible.

1.2 Can I store my luggage after check-out ?
- Please confirm with me 24 hours before your check-out date.

2. When is this room AVAILABLE?
The calendar is ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE. There is no need to confirm availability prior to booking.
One Night reservations are not accepted. Last minute booking is OK. (Please let us know your expected arrival time)

-- Age 0 to Age 6: FREE!(Doesn't count as a guest)
-- 7~12: Usual additional fee 50% OFF!(Count as a guest)
-- 12+: Full extra guests fee!(Count as a guest)
Sorry, there is no baby bed available.

The total price is composed of three parts:
1) [nightly price] x [number of nights] + (Extra guests fee)
2) Cleaning fee(one-time fee)
3) Service fee(one-time fee set and collected by airbnb, typically between 6% and 12% )
Price will fluctuate during peak seasons, holidays, and special events.
Enter in your specific dates on the calendar to see the current price for those days.

5. Will I get charged for the deposit ?
- Security deposits help cover accidents that occur during a reservation, like spilled wine on the rug, a broken window, or an unreturned key. Hosts must add a security deposit to their listing before a reservation is booked. Security deposits can't be handled off-site in cash, as off-site payments are a violation of our terms.

When a reservation is accepted, the security deposit details and guest's payment information is stored. No charges or authorizations will be made to the guest's payment method unless the host needs to make a claim. A host has 48 hours after the checkout date to make a claim on the security deposit.

House rules

-----------------------English Version---------------------
Thank you for your interest in my apartment. I really look forward to welcoming you(your group) to my apartment. I will do my best to make your stay as pleasant as possible and offer some advice on local restaurants and things to do :) I really hope you will have a great trip while staying at my apartment. Before placing a reservation I need us to mutually confirm if my place is suitable for you(your group) first though. I already received complaints from the neighbors after hosting some guests who made a lot of noise and I might get in trouble next time if that happens again. If you agree to spend your time at the apartment quietly(regularly quietly) for maintaining good relationship with the neighbors, it will be my great pleasure to host you(your group). If you want a place where you don't need to be mindful of the volume level, I would have to say hotels is the best choice, as my apartment is just a regular hostel and the neighbors must wake up early to go to work.(So sorry,I know but keeping even strict rules is very necessary in Japanese residential area and please keep in mind that I don't wish to be rude:)

House Rules as below:

(1) Take off your shoes when entering.
(2) Please at least read the house manual for once as there are so much detailed information written inside it,such as the way of how to separate the trash and the location of the garbage area which are very important matters in Japan.
(3) The apartment is an entirely non-smoking type so please do not smoke in the room or on the balcony,neither inside other parts of the apartment buidling,such as hall,lobby,entrance,etc.
(4) Quiet hours are from 9PM to 7AM.Please be mindful of your volume lever while your presence is showed in the pubic parts of the building.
(5) If the interphone rings, simply ignore it. Please do not answer the intercom in case that troubles caused because of the barrier of different languages.And please keep in mind that most Japanese apartments have emergency alarms(buttons) at the entrance of the building or in the room,please be very careful and make sure you leave them without touching.
(6) Please do not ask the doorman/apartment manager or any other residents for help even in an emergency.If you are in troubles or require any assistance,please do directly dial to my cellphone number and I will take my utmost to help you deal with problems.
(7) The apartment is just an apartment, not a hotel. Please understand there are no concierge services, daily cleaning, room service, etc as there is in hotels.
(8) If the guest loses the key, he/she will be responsible for paying the KEY AND THE LOCK replacement fee. Exact prices will be sent along with proof(receipts/estimate) of the replacement cost. As keys replacement fee could be super expensive in Japan,pleae hold well of you key,losting it should be the last thing you will do actually:)

-- I take no responsibility in the event of death or injury of any of the guests renting the property. The person who placed the reservation is 100% responsible of himself and of his group.


(1) 請在玄關處脫鞋再進入室內。
(2) 請至少讀一次★房屋指南★,因為裡面寫有各種細節信息,比如如何使用房間內的各項設施設備,還有在日本很重要的垃圾分類方法和正確的棄置處、可丟棄日等等,所以一定要看哦~
(3) 公寓是完全禁煙的。包括陽台在內,請不要在室內吸煙,也請不要在公寓大樓的其它公共部分,比如入口處、大廳、電梯內等地方吸煙哦。
(4) 在日本,晚上9點至第二天早上7點是作息時間內的休息時段,因此在這個時間段內,請尤其注意音量,避免大聲喧嘩而影響到鄰居及他人的休息。出入公寓的時候也請盡量保持安靜哦~
(5) 大多數日本公寓的入口處門鈴電子板或者室內的門鈴電子板上會帶有一個緊急按鈕鍵,請避免按到它,因為按響它之後會各種麻煩。另外,門鈴響的時候也請不要回答,直接忽視就行,由於語言以及是否房東本人等條件限制可能會引起一些問題煩,因此請不要回應。
(6) 即使公寓內有管理人在也請不要去咨詢或者尋求幫助;即使在非常緊急的情況下,也請盡量避免和其他公寓內的住客進行交流,如遇這種情況,或者亟待幫助,請直接打我的手機與我進行聯繫,請相信我會盡最大可能迅速做出應對的。
(7) 請理解公寓只是民宿,就像普通的住居一樣,而並非酒店或者旅館,因此實在是沒有辦法提供像酒店那樣的門衛、每日清掃以及客房服務等,公寓內的備品也是住宿期內人均一份,毛巾等煩請自行清洗,謝謝您的諒解。
(8) 如果不小心弄丟了鑰匙是需要全額賠償的。因為日本的鑰匙製作很繁瑣,有時候特別的鑰匙重新製作的費用又相當昂貴,因此鑰匙並沒有備份的。請無論如何一定要保管好鑰匙。弄丟的的話就糟啦!

-- 在入住期间,若您严重受伤或发生人身事故,非常抱歉,我不能负责。房客本人负全责。请谅解。(抱歉这不是想要乌鸦嘴,但我不得不如此写明,请谅解!)

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2017. november
깔끔하고 위치도 난바에서 가까워 너무좋았습니다 역에서도 가까워 걸어다니기도 좋고 옆에 마트도 있어 집에서 요리 해 먹을 수 있어 좋았습니다. 다음에 또 방문기회가 있다면 재방문 의사가 있습니다. 감사합니다
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Ken válasza:
이번에 저희 숙소를 찾아주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다. 숙소이용 규칙 준수하고 방도 깨끗이 잘 사용해주셔서 너무 감사합니다. 여기서 즐겁고 행복한 추억 많이 쌓으셨길 바라며 다음에도 다시 찾아주시기 바랍니다. 언제든지 반갑게 맞이해드리겠습니다~ 항상 건강하고 행복하세요 ^^
2017. november

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2017. november
Ken felhasználói profilja
Ken válasza:
非常感謝您積極的評論!很高興您在我的公寓裡度過一個了美好的假期。 我會努力為客人提供一個更爲舒適的居住環境! 再次感謝您!^^
2017. november

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2017. november
Ken felhasználói profilja
Ken válasza:
2017. november

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2017. október
정말 좋아요 잘 다녀왔습니다 ㅎㅎ
Ken felhasználói profilja
Ken válasza:
이번에 저희 숙소를 찾아주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다. 숙소이용 규칙 준수하고 방도 깨끗이 잘 사용해주셔서 너무 감사합니다. 여기서 즐겁고 행복한 추억 많이 쌓으셨길 바라며 다음에도 다시 찾아주시기 바랍니다. 언제든지 반갑게 맞이해드리겠습니다~ 항상 건강하고 행복하세요 ^^
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2017. október
2번째 방문이지만 여전히 친절하고 대우받을 수 있으며 보이는 그대로가 전부인 깨끗한 집 입니다 추천드려요
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이번에 저희 숙소를 찾아주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다. 숙소이용 규칙 준수하고 방도 깨끗이 잘 사용해주셔서 너무 감사합니다. 여기서 즐겁고 행복한 추억 많이 쌓으셨길 바라며 다음에도 다시 찾아주시기 바랍니다. 언제든지 반갑게 맞이해드리겠습니다~ 항상 건강하고 행복하세요 ^^
2017. október

Honghu felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Ken felhasználói profilja
Ken válasza:
非常感謝您積極的評論!很高興您在我的公寓裡度過一個了美好的假期。 我會努力為客人提供一個更爲舒適的居住環境! 再次感謝您!^^
2017. október

Caitlin felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Amazing location, jus a stroll from Namba. Really nice apartment. Ken is a great host. Thanks!!
Ken felhasználói profilja
Ken válasza:
Thank you so much for the great review and staying at my place this time again ^^ I hope I could host you again in future!
2017. október

Oszaka, JapánCsatlakozás időpontja: május 2016
Ken felhasználói profilja

Hello eveyone! My name is Ken.
Currently I live and work in Osaka.
My listing is in Daikokucho . You can have an easy access to Universal Studios Japan, Umeda, Namba and Tennoji etc. You can walk to the apartment from Daikokucho station in 2 mins and you can ride subway Midosuji line and Yotsubashi line.

I like playing golf and I try to play whenever I have a chance to go abroad. I really like playing golf and going shopping but it makes me happier when my accommodation is really clean.
I would love for my guests to enjoy their stay in Osaka comfortably so my family and I clean the room ourselves hoping that you can have a great time here.
Please feel free to send me a message if you need any assistance. I will try my best to help you with anything!!

안녕하세요 제 이름은 Ken입니다.
오사카에서 살고 일도 오사카에서 하고 있습니다.
저의 숙소가 있는 다이코쿠쵸는 지하철 미도스지선과 요츠바시 선이 있고,USJ는 물론 우메다(오사카)나 난바와 텐노지 등에 접근성 굿
다이코쿠쵸 역에서 숙소까지의 거리도 걸어서 2~3분정도로 가깝습니다.

저의 취미는 골프이고,해외 여행 갈 기회가 있으면 꼭 가서 골프를 즐깁니다.
여행지에서 골프,쇼핑 하는걸 좋아하지만,역시 여행 중에는 숙박하는 방이 깨끗해야 여행이 즐겁다고 생각합니다.
이 방을 이용하는 게스트 여러분이 조금이라도 더 편안하게 보낼수 있고,오사카에서의 여행이 최고의 여행이 될수있도록
청소도 저의 가족이 하고있습니다.
숙박 중에 무슨 문제라고 생기시면 편안하게 연락을 주십길 바랍니다.

こんにちは。私の名前は Ken です。

Nyelvek: English, Français, 中文, 日本語, 한국어
Válaszadási arány: 100%
Válaszadási idő: egy órán belül

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