Lake Side Big Townhouse 10mins MSU, WALK to Meijer
Lake Side Big Townhouse 10mins MSU, WALK to Meijer
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2 vendég
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Hi, welcome to my homepage. This is a lake side townhouse located in Stonehedge Dr, walk(3mins) to Michigan biggest supermarket Meijer(24/7). Greatest location and one of the best neighbor in East Lansing.On the bus line to the campus, 15mins by bus and 10 mins drive to MSU. Close the 127 Highway. There are lots restaurants nearby, banks, cinema, Walmart and sam's club! 1400sft, private entrance, 2 floors, 1.5 bathroom, two big bedrooms. Washer and dryer inside. And I have a cat.

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This is a 2bed 1.5bathroom lake side townhouse(1400 sft) located in Stonehedge Dr. The location and neighbor are one of the best in East Lansing area. The map shows by Airbnb is not very accuarcy. The home is in Stonehedge Dr, the Airbnb map shows a little bit away from here. For the location, there are lots of trees in this neighbor, make the neighbor very quite and comfortable, and a beautiful lake besides! Michigan’s biggest supermarket Meijer(24/7) is just 3mins walk. Lots restaurants nearby for walk distance. And my home is on the bus line, 15mins by bus and 10 mins drive to the MSU campus!

There are two floors with private entrance. Washer and dryer are combined. The first floor are living room, dinning room, kitchen, balcony and a half bathroom. In the second floor, two big bedroom and a very big full size bathroom. For the guest room, it is lake view with a very comfortable queen size bed and a closet! . The queen size mattress is a new one from Serta, its comfort rating is 2-3 (Scale is based on 1 being the most firm and 5 being the softest). Bathroom is very big, the hand and bath towels, shampoo, body washer, hand washer are all provided. There are 1.5 bathroom in my home, but the half size one in the first floor is not equipped with shower, so I will ONLY use the full size bathroom for SHOWER. And I will clean the bathroom everyday!


Parking is free, and there are lots uncovered parking spots in front of the building.

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What I will Provide?

Of course, you have full access for the guest room, and I will not enter the room during your stay. For the bathroom, towels, shampoo, body washer, hand washer, hair dryer are all provided. For the living room, there are TV with apple Tv and Chromecast, so that you can easily watch any shows on the TV screen from your iPad, cell phone, laptop with wireless connection. For the kitchen and dinning room, there are free coffee, tea, hot water, ice water for you. You can also use the kitchen for some easy food cooking, like breakfast or just heating some food. The microwave and refrigerator are all available for you to use at anytime. I will give you a home key so that go out and back easily. You can keep the key during your stay and drop it in the locker box outside the home door when you check out.

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About Christine and something I want to say:

I am a PhD student in MSU, for the research in Engineering. As you can see, I have lots of 5-stars reviews since I started to be a Airbnb host in August, 2016. I really appreciate that I can host and help so many people from different place and I am very happy that they have a wonderful Airbnb experience in my place. I am very friendly, so if you have any questions, just ask me, I will try to help as possible as I can. BTW, I have a little cat live with me, her name is Sally, she stay in the living room most of the time, and sleep with me at night. She is very friendly, I believe you will like her. But if you are allergic to cat, please aware that I have a cat in the home.

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Home rules:

The kitchen is only for easy food cooking. I don't like people to cook everyday for the lunch or dinner. I hosted someone before, who cooked everyday and make the kitchen very unclean, I just don’t like that. I do hope that I can provide the most convenience as possible as I can, but the bedroom and your sleep are the most important thing. If you are looking for some place to cook, my home is not the choice. Also, please turn off the light if you are not in use to save the energy. Thanks a lot!!!

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A szálláshelyen háziállat(ok) él(nek) - I have a two years old cat. She stay in the living room.
Bizonyos helyiségeket meg kell osztani másokkal - Living room, dinning room, kitchen


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Tim felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Christina is so dear and kind. We loved her sweet cat, Sally. I was their for an alumni reunion and It was only a 7-Minute drive onto MSU’s campus. She let us use her dining room to eat our take-out, even though it was late and she’d Gone to bed. We were given access to her fridge to store our left-overs. Very accommodating!

Jan felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Christine's place was everything you're looking for; quiet street, near town, comfortable room, bed, and bath; a cup of tea. It was just what I needed after long day of driving! Take care with (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) Maps, I was one driveway off and it took me a while to find her place in the dark. Christine talked me in, which was a huge help. I'd go back!

Evan felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Christine is a kind, thoughtful host. I really enjoyed speaking with and learning from her. This listing is a great value and if you have any needs or questions, Christine is willing to help. Being right near an awesome Meijer store is a big plus. I liked meeting her cat, Sally -- if you give her space and treat her, well, like a cat, she's sweet and will be friendly with you. Anyway. Greatly enjoyed my weekend here!

Robert felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Christine was very accommodating. Very clean place close to MSU. Highly recommend!

Horton felhasználói profilja
2017. szeptember
Nice. Clean. Comfy. Brownies were a nice touch.

Katie felhasználói profilja
2017. szeptember
I will say that Christine’s place was spotless and the check in instructions were clear. However, we did not feel very welcomed in her home. There were clear signs pointing us to our room and labeling what not to touch. The only cups my friend could find to use were disposable cups left out for us on the kitchen table. And she does have a cat - which we were aware of - but it hissed any time we entered the main living area. We ended up spending all our time in the bedroom, which was extremely hot. We stayed there end of September when the temperature was 90-something. And the air was not turned on when we arrived. The room we were in was hotter than outside (which made it absolutely miserable and impossible to sleep in). There were 2 fans provided, but one stopped working after we moved it (turned off, unplugged, moved, nothing). We even tried shutting the house up to run the air for a bit while we got ready for our friend’s wedding, but the A/C did not work well at all. We were both sweating as soon as we got out of the shower. We had to move the 1 working fan into the bathroom while getting ready to make it a semi-bearable temperature. When we returned from the wedding, the A/C was off again. We also texted Christine prior to check in to see if she had an iron. If not, we were going to bring our travel iron/board. She confirmed that she did have an iron, but when we got there she did not have an ironing board. We found out when my friend asked for it, she told him to “just use desk instead.” As you might guess, this did not work well at all. We ended hanging his shirt in the bathroom and trying to use the hairdryer to smooth out the wrinkles, since he was standing up in the wedding. I ended up having to leave before the second night due to a family emergency, but my friend did spend the night. When we made our reservation, we were told check out was noon. I have screenshots confirming this. The morning of check-out, Christine texted me asking our estimated check out time. I did not see my alert, since I was attending a funeral, so I missed responding to her. But my friend was planning on leaving at noon. At 11, Christine came to the room and told him he had to leave, as she had guests checking in at 12:30. She changed the check out time in the reservation right before kicking him out. I definitely would not recommend this location to anyone I know.
Christine felhasználói profilja
Christine válasza:
I was shocked for this review. I am here to tell all these people who will read in the future for my host experience with Katie and Tony and the issues she mentioned from my point. First, they broke my home rules during they stay. In the reservation, they are two guests, Katie and Tony, stay for two nights. However, in the first night, around 11pm, Katie and Tony back home with at least FOUR men, without notice me in advance. I was at living room, and they just came in and go to their room, ignored me. In my home rules, I said very clear that guests that are not on the reservation cannot stay over night.And I should be noticed in advance if they have visitors. The next morning, I found that there are two men talking in the room. Until they checked out, I found they let their friend stayed over night without my approval. This made me very uncomfortable. For these issues Katie mentioned, here are my reply. 1. In my home, I only put a sign on the downstairs bathroom door, it is ' Please don't open this door.". The reason is the downstairs bathroom is for my personal use. And the upstairs bathroom is for my guests. It happened before that my guest used my own bathroom. So I put a sign on my bathroom, to remind my guest not use my bathroom. And I also told Tony about this when they checked in. I don't understand why this sign made Katie feel unwelcome. 2. For the cups, I left at least 10 cold paper cups and 4 or 5 hot paper cups on the dinning table. I don't know what kind of cups Katie expected. I provided both cold and hot cups, I don't know what more I can provide. And if Katie need other cups, why she did't ask me? 3. For my cat, in the day time, she stay at living room, and if the strangers tried to touch her, cat might hiss. For all my experience, my cat only hiss people when they are very close to her, or try to touch her, this will make cat unsafe, she hiss to protect herself. If my cat made Katie unhappy, my apologies. 4. For the A/C and Fan. I provided two floor Fans in the guest room. I am sure they all works, I just checked again, they all works. If one of them was not working during Katie's stay, I cannot understand why she didn't send me a text to ask? This is a very easy way to solve it. Why not ask me? Maybe the power plus was not on, if Katie let me know this issue, at least, I can fix it. For the temperature, I am sure, in this year, in East Lansing, the temperature was never 90F. The highest temp during they stay was 81F. Tony was check in afternoon, I didn't turn on A/C at that time because I didn't felt very hot. And when they checked in, I just left home to the campus. The A/C switch is just in the living room, if the temp is really hot, they can just turn it on. I never told them to not use A/C, I don't know why they blame me for this?? And my A/C works great. It can make the whole house cold in 15 mins. I was back home at 10pm, and when I back, the A/C was running, and the temp inside was around 73-74F. And I turned off the A/C before I go to sleep, because I felt the temp is cold enough. But again, I never told them to not use A/C. If they feel very hot at night, they can go ahead and turn on the A/C. Why said in the review like I didn't allow them to use A/C ? 5. For the iron, Katie asked me in advance if I had an iron, but she didn't ask if I had an iron board. So I replied her I had an iron and I can provide to them. When they checked in, I gave the iron to Tony and he asked if I have an iron board, I said, I am sorry, I don't have the iron board, I didn't use iron a lot, so I always use the desk as an board. I told him I was sorry, and he can use the desk instead. And he told me it's ok. From my point, I didn't use Iron a lots, I didn't know the board is required. And I never lied to Katie for the iron things. After they asked for the board, I said I was sorry. 6. For the checking out time. It was my fault, because the checking out time I set in Airbnb was noon several month ago, in the booking setting. But I changed it to 11am for at least 3 month. So I thought the check out time for Katie was 11 am. The night before Katie checked out, my new guest who will check in next day told me he want to check in at 12:30. Then I send several text to ask Katie what was her schedule, but she didn't reply. Since I thought the checkout time by the reservation was 11am, I thought I have enough time to prepare the room. But the next day, Tony was talking with a man in their room. So at around 10:45am, I go to their room, and asked when they might check out? The check out time is 11am. Then Tony told me the check out time on their reservation is noon, and he showed me the photo. Then I realized I made a mistook, they booked earlier and the checkout out time was noon when they booked. SO I felt very sorry and I told Tony it is ok, they can check out at noon. Just follow their reservation. But this made him a little bit unhappy, and they checked out around 11:10am. It was my fault, I should check the reservation first. But I never 'kick' them out. I told them they can just follow the reservation and check out by noon. It is ok. Why Katie said I kicked them out in the review? For this hosting experience, I felt uncomfortable because Katie and Tony broke my home rules. But I also made mistake. For these issues Katie mentioned in the reviews, I cannot accept all of them except the check out time. I think what she mentioned in the review is not true. For some issues, she can text me to ask. I don't know why she didn't ask me. Actually during their stay, Katie didn't said any words to me, even she didn't said hello when she checked in. And she didn't reply any of my text during her stay. Then left me such a review. For this case, I already contact Airbnb to do the investigate and hope Airbnb can give me and also Katie some help to solve this issue.
2017. szeptember

Polly felhasználói profilja
2017. szeptember
Christine is a great host! We left a phone charger behind; Christine contacted us right the way and kept it safe until we return to pick it up.

East Lansing, Michigan, Egyesült ÁllamokCsatlakozás időpontja: augusztus 2016
Christine felhasználói profilja

Hi guys,

I'm Christine, a Ph.D student in MSU. I love to explore new places, know new people and learn different culture.

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