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Erqi Square Memorial Tower Railway Station City Ce

4,90(20 vélemény)Superhost-házigazdaCsengcsou, Henan, Kína
Wilmer által kiadott Teljes lakás
2 vendég1 hálószoba1 ágy1 fürdőszoba
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Wilmer Superhost-házigazda
A Superhost-házigazdák tapasztaltak, magas értékelésekkel rendelkeznek, és elkötelezettek a színvonalas vendégfogadás iránt.
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You will meet a warm hospitality, introverted, traveled to some places, like to cook, love the film's uncle. My listings are close to the property Very good location, located in Zhengzhou City near Erqi Square, public transport is very convenient More than 50 bus stops within 10 minutes that can direct access to all corners of Zhengzhou City. 10 minutes from the Metro Line 1 to Erqi Square Station, 15 minutes walk from the city center railway station, next to the Vientiane City and Dennis City,

A hely
- Room lighting is very good, do not get up in the morning in the bedroom can feel the light and warmth of the sun, you can sleep naturally wake up lazy Oh! If you are an enthusiastic advocate of freshly ground coffee, then the living room for you to prepare a coffee machine, grinders, coffee beans, milk tablets and sugar, you can DIY to a cup of fresh fragrant fresh coffee; If you are a Like tea friends here, there are elegant and elegant tea can brew a pot of Chinese tea, but also do not have a flavor, but also for you to prepare a casual snack and candy for you to taste, the TV is an intelligent network set-top box, you can watch live broadcast Current large and popular online drama.
- If you want to showcase the culinary arts, the kitchen offers steamed soup pots, cast iron frying pans and frying pans, as well as sauerkraut, peanut oil, and spicy sauce, pasta and noodles. You prepared a mineral water, cola, beer and other beverages.
- It is worth mentioning that my room there is a warm and comfortable, lovely children's room, a family of three is particularly suitable for living. , You will love my house. My listings are for couples, adventurers traveling alone, business travelers, families with children.

Mit használhatnak a vendégek?
- In the living room you have, the living room LCD TV, Internet TV, intelligent set-top box, high-speed WiFi, but also for your leisure snacks, coffee machine, coffee cup, milk tablets, sugar, Blue Mountain coffee beans , Electric grinder, exquisite tea, pumping paper, come soon DIY cup of fragrant coffee or brew a pot of fragrant Chinese tea Oh!
Candle, wine, wine glasses, wine glasses, can be elegant romantic candlelight dinner (in the dining room), dining table, dining table, dining table, dining table, tableware, tableware, Oh!
- in the bedroom for you to prepare a high-quality linen texture, clean bed linen (all sterile Oh!), Down pillows and pillow, alarm clock, desk, charging plug, pen, gel pencil, PS: desk with a message on the table, you can write down your views and stay experience, you can also read the book, you can write your comments and feelings, can also be Interact with me, but also the opening of a painting pencil for graffiti creation Oh!
- Free bottled water in the kitchen refrigerator, cupboard, gas stove, range hood, steamer, wok, frying pan, rice cooker, cutlery, all kinds of Chinese and Western seasonings as well as rice, millet, jujube, spaghetti , Butterfly noodles, noodles and other ingredients, come to showcase your good cooking, wash basin next to the kitchen with detergent and scouring pad and wash towel, please keep the kitchen and the house clean;
-24-hour hot water, toilet and bathroom ready for you, clean towels, shower slippers, disposable toothbrush, wash cup, toothpaste, shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, cotton swab, hair dryer , Fashion magazines; to ensure personal hygiene, need to bring their own towels, razors and other personal items;
- In the living balcony to prepare there are, Walch 's laundry liquid, disinfectant, collar net, and automatic washing machines, drying racks and other items to facilitate your journey there is a clean and comfortable image;
Also prepared for you, family medicine box, first aid kit, sewing kit, the international conversion plug and other items;
If you need to open the red wine, coffee and drink imported beer, please inform in advance, you need to receive a cost of Oh! Bottled drinking water and Pepsi are provided free of charge;
PS: Note :: all electrical appliances, go out and be sure to close, stop using, please also be careful not to loud noise, respect your neighbors.

Egyéb fontos dolgok
1, into the room, please take off your shoes, keep the floor clean; the door has been ready for one-time slippers.
2, do not eat fruit in bed, drink coffee or something, food oil, fruit juice, coffee juice, etc. do not sprinkle on the sofa, carpet, table cloth and other fabric items;
3, the room at the completion of your stay clean, including the provision of clean bedding and bath towels, stay at home during the cleaning, in particular, promptly throw away food waste, kitchen utensils finished use be sure to clean, cutlery into Cabinets, since the choice of my home, please be here in front of their own home, home care facilities and items;
4, do not smoke, do not allow alcoholism, to avoid shouting, impulsive behavior of other residents of the neighbors. Respect for others is to respect themselves, after 10 pm, do not make a loud noise.
5, the house with decorative candles, if you intend to ignite, be sure to remember to go out after.
6, when you go out, please turn off air conditioning, electrical appliances, energy conservation, and be sure to confirm whether the door is completely locked; please care for housing and all equipment, saving water and electricity. If the damage according to the price compensation, thank you.
7, free seasoning, if you use the kitchen of the ingredients, drinks and other items, please inform in advance, you can negotiate a reward, take care of a cost on the line.
8, if you cook, then use the table, tableware, kitchen utensils, then please clean the restitution can be restored, otherwise it will be subject to 69 yuan cleaning fee.
9, bedding, sofa, table flag, towels, carpets and other items if stubborn stains, as appropriate, charge 50 to 200 yuan for cleaning.
You will meet a warm hospitality, introverted, traveled to some places, like to cook, love the film's uncle. My listings are close to the property Very good location, located in Zhengzhou City near Erqi Square, public transport is very convenient More than 50 bus stops within 10 minutes that can direct access to all corners of Zhengzhou City. 10 minutes from the Metro Line 1 to Erqi Square Station, 15 minutes walk fr… bővebben

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4,90(20 vélemény)
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4,90 csillag az 5-ből 20 vélemény alapján

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Csengcsou, Henan, Kína

- The only high-end luxury residential community center, central air conditioning, central heating, 24-hour security on duty, very clean and clean lobby, professional butler service,

Házigazda: Wilmer

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2016. november
  • 79 vélemény
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  • Superhost-házigazda
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- Free local food information
-Kitchen cooking need help can find me
Wilmer Superhost-házigazda
A Superhost-házigazdák tapasztaltak, kiváló értékelésekkel rendelkeznek, és elköteleződtek a színvonalas vendégfogadás mellett.
  • Válaszadási arány: 100%
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Távozás: 12:00
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