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Let's enjoy TAKOYAKI party with us.
Midway between Nikko and Tokyo!Japanese family!
Midway between Nikko and Tokyo!Japanese family!
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4 vendég
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A lefele nyíl lenyomásával mozoghatsz a naptárban, és kiválaszthatsz egy dátumot. A kérdőjel billentyű lenyomásával jelenítheted meg a dátumok módosítására szolgáló billentyűparancsokat.


A lefele nyíl lenyomásával mozoghatsz a naptárban, és kiválaszthatsz egy dátumot. A kérdőjel billentyű lenyomásával jelenítheted meg a dátumok módosítására szolgáló billentyűparancsokat.

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The nearest station is JR Nogi station. It is located in the middle of the world heritage Nikko Toshogu Shrine and exciting Tokyo. You can experience the Japanese style room. You can see the country scenery from that room. You can enjoy the seasonal scenery. Our house has three small children. Will you play in the park together, eat, play games together ... Why do not you experience a Japanese family?

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the toilet,laundry room and the bathroom,the kitchen

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We will probably be home at the time of your visit.We can help advise you on places to visit,eat and so on.

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【Tourism rental cycle】

・you can receive services offered in town for FREE.
(reception is open until 16:00)

・the place where you can rent it is NOGI station.

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Tilos a dohányzás
Nem alkalmas háziállatok számára
Bulik vagy rendezvények befogadására nem alkalmas
Az érkezés ideje 17:00–20:00
Távozás a következő időpontig: 08:00

Prohibited matters: Be aware of the following.
No minors (tenants must be over 18 years old).
No entry for non occupants
No profit oriented activities, (this is for residing in only and not for other purposes)
No outsiders can be brought into your room.
No posters or photos or other goods are to be put on your window as this can cause damage to our hotel.
No use of our heater, cooking stove, iron press and other electronics except when lent to you.
No smoking
No loud noises, loud singing, odors or bad behavior towards others.
None of the following goods can be brought in: all animals except guide dogs, birds, stimulants, drugs, medicine that is banned by law, explosives and gasoline, chemicals that can harm your body, non-licensed guns, swords and similar weapons, goods which are large in number and heavy, items which have a bad odour, rubbish and things which are unhygienic,
Obey public order and keep basic morals
No distribution of advertising flyers in the neighbourhood
No moving of company provided furniture or use of furniture in inappropriate ways. No remodelling of your room and furniture.
Your belongings must stay in your room
No entering into other rooms apart from your reserved room (except in the case of emergencies or unavoidable circumstances)
No hair colouring and use of bleaching agent in your room
No unhygienic and dangerous behaviour
Disclaimer: We may terminate the contract of your stay for any of the below.
Membership with gang-related people, terrorists and any related groups.
Any guests who do the following: violence, threats, extortion, unreasonable demands, gambling, unlicensed drugs, guns, possession and use of swords and similar items, other illegal actions and those against public order and without basic morals.
Any guests with a highly contagious disease
Any guests demanding irrational services and other unreasonable demands
Natural disasters, broken facilities and other unavoidable situations
Smoking in bed and mischief with fire equipment, any behaviour that may cause fire.
Any guests who allow others to stay in their room instead of themselves.

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Előfordulhat zaj - We have small children in our family,around 20:00~24:00.

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Ingrid felhasználói profilja
2017. november
A family with great hospitality. If you want to experience A nice family home in Japan this is where you should Stay. The communications to and from Narita AirPort is very good and trains to Tokyo city goes very regurarly

Ingrid felhasználói profilja
2017. november
A very nice and welcoming family. For the best experience we can recommend staying here. Lovely settings and not to far from Tokyo it gives you the best of two worlds, big City and countryside! If you travel to Japan for the first time or have been here before this is truly the best recommendation!

増本 felhasználói profilja
2017. június
これぞAirbnb☆といえるお家でした! 駅まで少し距離があるように感じましたが、道は複雑ではなかったです!私の場合は、ご親切に駅まで送迎もして頂けました! お家の前には田んぼが広がっていて、自然に囲まれてます!騒音もなく、ゆったりした時間を過ごせました! 私が利用させて頂いた時は少しお部屋でのwifiやテレビの調子が悪かったようですが、気にならない程度です! お家は凄く綺麗でお部屋も広々としていて、ホテルのような清潔感と自分の家に居るような安心感を持ち合わせたお家です!

Jonathan felhasználói profilja
2017. június
The family has 3 children; a 5 year old, a 6 year old and a 6 month old. They younger than I'd expected but they're very oriented and very open. They let me use their kitchen to cook them Mexican food and they loved it. They're very engaging like a family I wanted to spend time with. I talked about my family, showed them my home videos and we had good laughs at my experiences. We went on outings together and they helped me out with directions. Their kids love me and always eager to see me again in the future. They know english but are still learning. Very loving family and supportive and helpful. Their home is quite far from Shibuya but for my money, it was worth it when I changed homestay families to this one. Glad I did because this experience was just what I wanted. I'd say this is a family very much worth spending your time with. Their house is big and much space for your own bedroom. They're very fun to be with and they cook with you. Their home is in Nogi. From the train station, it is a 20 minute walk. Not too bad.

Oyama, JapánCsatlakozás időpontja: március 2017
Yuko&Manabu felhasználói profilja
Hello! I love traveling abroad. I have lived in London,UK for about 2 years.I have stayed with a homestay. Then I went on a trip to many countries in Europe. I still remember the kindness of the many people I met there. My husband participated in a round-the-world trip by s…
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