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54° Nord Wohnung 3

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54° Nord Wohnung 3

6 vendég
3 hálószoba
3 ágy
2 fürdőszoba
6 vendég
3 hálószoba
3 ágy
2 fürdőszoba
Jens Superhost-házigazdaA Superhost-házigazdák tapasztaltak, magas értékelésekkel rendelkeznek, és elkötelezettek a színvonalas vendégfogadás iránt.
Beltéri kandallóEz az otthon ezen a területen azon kevés otthonainak egyike, amely biztosítja ezt a szolgáltatást.

The "54° Nord" holiday apartments were only completed in wint (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) . The apartments were designed with the expertise of a renowned interior designer specialising in holiday accommodation, who also put together the furnishings with individuality and care to make you feel completely at home:

Each living room contains a real log fireplace. It is the perfect location to curl up on the sofa in front of the fire in autumn and winter. The light can be dimmed to create the unique atmosphere that's perfect for you. You can also enjoy a film: all apartments have modern, large flat-screen televisions and Blu-ray/DVD surround sound equipment (we also provide a small selection of DVDs of different genres for both old and young). Apartments 1 to 4 also boast a home cinema system with electronic screen and projector.

The entire block of apartments has incredibly fast internet access at 100 Mbit/s - free of charge of course (in comparison, the fastest DSL connection available from Telekom is only 16 Mbit/s).

And of course the fully equipped, modern fitted kitchen provides everything you need on holiday to create a lavish meal with ease. Barbecue enthusiasts are also catered for with a cutting-edge gas barbecue provided on each of the spacious terraces and balconies, along with garden furniture. We provide gas cylinders. Apartments 1 and 4 also have an outside sauna.
Special balcony feature of apartments 3 and 4: these balconies are built on a corner so that you can enjoy the Groemitz sun for even longer.

Bedrooms: a good night's sleep is essential for a happy holiday. That's why we put the utmost thought into the bedroom furnishings: we couldn't find a standard bed that met our requirements so we commissioned a carpenter: all the beds were handmade from solid beech and are very heavy, preventing any squeaking or rattling, which means you won't be disturbed by your neighbour. The surface area of the beds is particularly large (2 x 2 metres) along with specially chosen extra-large covers (220 x 155cm). Just like the luxury hotel industry, we provide Schlaraffia mattresses (highly rated by testing organisation Stiftung Warentest) with hygienic protective covering (breathable, antibacterial and dust mite proof).
All bedrooms can be darkened thanks to blackout blinds. Apartments 5 and 6 even contain a bedroom with a large electric Velux window (opened by remote control) - including a romantic view of the starlit sky from the bed.
You won’t need to fight over the remote control either as all bedrooms have large flat-screen televisions.

All holiday apartments are separated by double and additionally insulated walls while the ceilings are made of solid steel concrete. This means the only time you will be aware of your neighbours is when you meet in the hallway (or when you swap DVDs?).

Our bathrooms are equipped with large illuminated wall and cosmetic mirrors. The showers are fitted with real glass doors, a rain shower on the ceiling and touch operated radios in the wall. A hair dryer is provided. Apartments 2, 5 and 6 also all have a luxury bathtub.

The water is heated by a central freshwater module. This guarantees the highest level of hygiene as germs cannot develop as they do in tanks.
On the subject of water: Groemitz has very hard water (lime content) of over 20° dH. The softening system installed in the building does not just protect appliances and fittings: soft water makes your beauty regime easier (you need less shampoo for example), brittle hair becomes shinier and skin is softer after bathing.

All rooms have been laid with designer wood flooring throughout. In addition, under floor heating is fitted in each room. A touch-operated electronic thermostat allows you to control the exact temperature of each room separately so it's just right for you.

When you book a holiday apartment at 54° Nord you are also helping the environment: a pellet heating system covers the energy needs for hot water and heating - a green electricity supplier provides CO2 neutral, renewable energy.

The lay-out of the building is superb: it is located in the absolute calm of a small cul-de-sac. Once you have arrived you can leave your car safely (there is a private car park with partial video surveillance) as everything is a stone's throw away: bakery (220 m), supermarket (260 m), shopping street (380 m), promenade (250 m), spa gardens (340 m) as well as the "Groemitzer Welle" swimming pool (640 m). It is only 250 metres to the beautiful Groemitz beach.


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1. hálószoba
1 franciaágy (kb. 190x200 cm)
2. hálószoba
1 franciaágy (kb. 190x200 cm)
3. hálószoba
1 franciaágy (kb. 190x200 cm)


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Házigazda: Jens

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2017. május
Jens felhasználói profilja
25 vélemény
Jens Superhost házigazda.A Superhost minősítésű házigazdák tapasztaltak, magas értékelésekkel rendelkeznek, és elkötelezettek a színvonalas vendégfogadás mellett.
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