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Ao Luek Paradise has simple bamboo cottages. All the basic facilities necessary for living are provided. We aim for all guests to learn to live in harmony with nature. We look forward to creating relationships with our guests from all over the world. Learning from them and sharing our culture food music smiles and laughing as well. please know that you are the new member of our family.

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Please read and consider again. AoLuek Paradise has simple bamboo wood and Sliver cottages. All the basic facilities necessary for living are provided. We aim for all guests to learn to live in harmony with nature. We look forward to creating relationships with our guests from all over the world. Learning from them and sharing our culture food music smiles and laughing as well. please know that you are the new member of our family. Aoluek Paradise is a unique experience, like no other. It is not your typical tourist hotel, it is truly an adventurous experience. Aoleuk Paradise is attractive to those with an adventurous spirit, and an interest in a rustic yet authentically Thai lifestyle experience. And it is right in the middle of Aoluek village. Aoluek paradise is the perfect place for long-time travellers who seek cultural exchanges with other spiritual and culturally minded people. Life travellers who have an interest in art and music, those who are environmentally conscious and enjoy communing with nature find themselves at home in Aoluek Paradise. Over the last few years we have enjoyed the company of so many life travellers from all points of the globe. We are truly thankful for everyone's participation in our Paradise and we have learnt many lessons along the way. So it is fair that we share with you some of the feedback from our guests. The good and the not so good. We are the first to acknowledge that Aoluek Paradise is NOT for everyone, so please consider the following before making a booking; we understand if your journey does not include us. Our guests have given us a thumbs up for; - Our service is more like being part of the family. There are no waiters and service attendants. - We do tours off into the wild and often unexplored areas with nature and curiosity as our guide. No comforts here. - We can cater to your special food needs, either from our kitchen or from many of the local restaurants. - We offer a free shuttle service from the local Aoluek bus stop. And can assist with your onward travel arrangements. - Nature is all around you, in all it's wonderful creepy crawly beauty right on your door step sometimes inside your room too. The rooms are always clean and I think some of the bugs like that too. Did you know that a spider can make a new web in under 1 hour? But no worries its no dangerrous spider in thailand. - Every night is a music experience. It's a party! It is a commune of local musicians and our musically talented guests and our staff and everyone is encouraged to join the experience. Play, Sing, Drum, Clap and Stomp your way to a new level. Sometimes to very late into the night. - Our Paradise has also become shelter for some of our less fortunate 4-legged friends. We have a few kittens, which are super cute and cuddly. You can also meet our friendly Hoki dog, when we are in the garden with her. All the furry friends have been vaccinated and do behave themselves most of the time. - Aoluek Paradise is an authentically Thai lifestyle experience with all it's cultural habits and percularities, surrounded in a beautiful natural environment. And of course some of our guests have given us a thumbs down for; - There are no waiters or service attendants. The service is more like being in a family. There are no 24 hour attendants. - The tours were into wild and unexplored areas, no comforts only a small snack and a water bottle. - The free shuttle service is only from the bus stop in Aoluek and I had to wait for them to pick me up. - Aoluek Paradise is definitely a part of local nature, the room was clean but there was sometime a bug somewhere. I don't like mosquitos and even spiders are no dangerrous but still creepy. Too much nature for me. - There are cats and dogs living on the property and visiting Aoluek Paradises daily. Don´t book Aoluek Paradises, if you have an allergy or if you don't want to be close to the animals. - Every night, there is music and singing and games with lots of local people. Most nights are noisy until midnight. We at Aoluek Paradise are proud of what we have achieved but we do fully understand that we cannot be everything to everyone. But we do work hard at Aoluek Paradise to make it the nature friendly environment that it is. You are welcome to come and experience an adventure in Paradise if you dare. If not we are ok to refund your money back 100%. And one more Impotant thing. Every Saturday, there are food, art and music festivals in our paradise, which will have more than 70 food, live music and art shows. Which will have many local people attending at the event, if you love peace, we do not recommend you to stay on Saturday. So if you still confirm to come. From Krabi airport you have 3 choices to come here. 1. A taxi will cost about 1,200-1,500 Baht. It will take you from the airport straight to my house. 2. The public bus is 250 Baht a person. You have to take the bus from the airport to the Krabi bus station. If it's past 430PM you will have to take a bus to Taladkhao and then look for any bus in the direction of Phuket. It'll take you about 40 minutes to get here by bus. 3. I am able to pick you up from the airport at a cost of 800 Baht. If you come by taxi or use a public bus I will pick you up at the Aoluek intersection. I will then take you to my house by car. You may write to me on Whatsapp for more information at +66901644580 or Facebook page : The address: 99/22 Aoluek district office. Moo 2 Tambon Aoluek tai Aoluek krabi 81110.

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Tambon Ao Luek Tai, Chang Wat Krabi, Thaiföld

Ao Luek is a about 40 Kms north of Krabi Town. It is a very beautiful town surrounded by limestone jungle covered mountains. There is a great national park in town with a natural spring coming from under the mountains, with many swimming ponds and small waterfalls.

Nearby on one of the estuaries of Phangna Bay is a small village known as Bor Tor. There you can hire kayaks to paddle to caves hidden in the mountains, it is really amazing. Tree top adventure. tracking Elephant And Drive ATV.

There is excellent food to be had in Ao Luek and it is not expensive at all. There are also a couple of really fun local pubs with live local bands playing music.

The north market is very big and quite cheap, so if you need to buy more clothes or whatever, then that is the place to go.

Házigazda: Kowit

  1. Csatlakozás időpontja: 2014. október
  • 543 vélemény
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  • Superhost-házigazda
Most visitors are often looking for a place with extensive advertising. You may be happy with that. But of course you should expect most places to be crowded, the feeling that you are not living abroad. If you choose to travel a different way, you’ll find attractions led by the community and learn the cultural life of the local people. Local people will show you hidden places and how to experience real local culture. You will find a new form of tourism which also grants distribution of income to the community creating assets for the locals. I am Thai and come from the province of Nakhon Sri Thamarat in Southern Thailand. I love music and play guitar very well and love to play with other musicians. There is nothing better than to get with a group of friends and have a few drinks and a great jam session. I enjoy exchanging experiences and learning about different cultures from all around the world. I want people to know more and discover Thai ways as we are people who like to take care of our hosts and share good times together. Coming to Thailand? Don't just go around it, experience it! Tired of crowded beaches, expensive tours and touristic towns? Come to Krabi's most well-kept secret and enjoy the real Thailand! Only 1 hour from Krabi's airport, Ao Luek village is one of the few places in Krabi District that remains untouched by the tourism fever. Secluded enough for you to enjoy Thailand's nature, Ao Luek Paradise is at the foothill of magnificient lime stone mountains and borders a small swimmable river. More of a community feeling, our B&B offers a real experience of Thailand's culture: local immersion, outdoor adventures like kayaking, caving and boat trips, involvement with the local community, BBQ nights, family dinners and most of all, music jams almost every evenings! Guests are more than welcome to join as there is a variety of instruments for them to use, including a few guitars, although one is almost always in the hands of the owner (for your own delight!). Determinated to make your experience an authentic and memorable one, our lovely team will make you feel at home away from home! Here you don't come as a guest and leave as a friend, you come as a friend and leave as family!
Most visitors are often looking for a place with extensive advertising. You may be happy with that. But of course you should expect most places to be crowded, the feeling that you…

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Whatsapp : +66901644580
Facebook page: Aoluek paradise.

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  • Nyelvek: English, ภาษาไทย
  • Válaszadási arány: 100%
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