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Bird Island - Placencia, Belize
Bird Island - Placencia, Belize
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Stay on your own in a truly private island on a beautiful atoll, with excellent swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring - with all the comforts. Bird Island has been featured in many publications; it was the opening act in Airbnb's 'Like This, Live There' ad campaign. Bird Island is perfectly described by the reviews left by past Airbnb guests that have stayed on it already.

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The central theme of Bird Island is a self-catering, Robinson Crusoe type of adventure, yet with all the comforts, where one could get to do their own thing in total privacy. We offer Bird Island at an exceptional price for an experience best suited for the outdoor, adventurous type who tend to be self-sufficient in nature.

It is a perfect setting for either a romantic get-away for a couple, a family gathering/reunion or for a small group of friends. The island also tends to have exceptional weather, always cool even during summer months. Also, you will rarely see any of the notorious sand flies or mosquitoes in Bird Island found in the mainland, it was hand-filled with fine river sand to achieve that objective.

Want to get-away from it all, even for the shortest of time, with your love one or group of friends, then this is the place. Want to go swimming or snorkeling in crystal clear water in a beautiful unspoiled reef, you will be surrounded by one. Want to grab a fishing rod and cast to cruising feeding fish, the atoll around the island is considered one of the best for it.

Spending time at Bird Island, even for the shortest of time, you will feel like you have done something truly special.

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Egyéb fontos dolgok

Important Added Information. (Updated December 7th, 2017)

#1- The trip from Placencia Village to Bird Island is included in the booking price. Check-out time is at 10:00am, and pick up (check in) is at 1pm. We meet at the M&M Hardware boat dock/gas station (by where Hockey Pockey is), which is in the rear of its large M&M parking lot. Their dock is in the middle of town, close to everything. (Please note: it is different than the NEW main town dock which is at the very end of the peninsula.)

#2- Sleeping accommodations: The island's main house has a master bedroom with a double bed and all amenities. The 2nd building is a new over-the-water, totally self-contained, also with all amenities. The 3rd building is also a separate cabana with a double-size bed, desk, etc, but no bathroom. So the island can accommodate up to six (6) people, depending on group composition.

#3 -Extra Guests: Because of the new additions to the island, bringing extra guests is now easier. Upon booking, if you are not sure how many extra guests there will be, you can always book only 2, but change your reservation with Airbnb as you get closer to actual arrival. Best to do so before you arrive. Only children under 5 years old are free.

#4- Exclusivity. Yes, when you book the island, you will have the whole Island all to yourselves, in ~total~ privacy.

#5 - Cancellation Policy. We are under and do follow Airbnb's Super Strict 60 policy.

#6- Wading slipper-type shoes. The island is surrounded by hard sand flats, further away by coral; bringing soft shoes that cover your toes and ankle are a good thing to have when walking about. There are many pairs in the island that may fit you, but no guarantee to do so.

#7- Snorkeling equipment: Bring your own or you can rent them locally on the way to the island. Yes, the island does have many sets however. For divers, a local outfit in town does rent tanks.

#8 - Side tours while staying in the island: We highly recommend visiting the main Belize Reef, while staying in Bird Island; for either snorkeling or diving. Many of our guests do this side trip. We also have a 'Smogashboard' fishing/snorkeling/lobstering trip which our guest love.; it is only 4 hrs ($175) and you will catch plenty of fish, and learn how to also get lobsters and large crabs. We can arrange either trip for you and this can be done even after you arrive and staying in the island.

#9- Fishing equipment: The island is usually surrounded by constant marauding schools of fish (jacks, snappers, etc) feeding around it. Best to bring (or rent) your own equipment and a few small (1") silver spoons if fishing. If want to do bottom fishing, should get shrimp bait when food shopping.

#10- Food: Bird Island is a self-catering scenario so plan to bring enough meats, vegetable and drinks (and liquor) for your stay. The island however, does have a very well-stocked kitchen with a myriad of condiments such as cake mixes, flour, rice, spices, oils, paper towels, garbage bags, etc., so you are not required to think of every little thing. Close by where we take off for the island in Placencia, there are excellent food stores and vegetable stands. Food shopping is a very simple step and can be left for last moment.

#11- Refrigeration: The island has a new propane refrigerator with a fair-size freezer. It has ice trays. Bringing at least one bag of ice is never a bad idea.

#12- Water: The island has a well-filtered rain-water system for all general uses. We provide purified drinking water for drinking; meaning no need to worry about drinking water.

#13- Communication. A local phone is at the island so you can call local numbers, or us, at any time. The island has very good and reliable WiFi.

#14- Power. The island runs on solar-power and has a wind generator; so no noisy generator. There is a new whisper-quiet Generac IQ2000 generator available to run during cloudy days.

#15- Boating. Two single-person kayaks, knee boards and inner tubes to cruise the atoll that surrounds it. A new 2-person super canoe will be added in January.

#16- Sun Tan Lotion and Bug Spray. Remember, it is the tropics; the best type of suntan lotion is one of a high Block Factor, either lotion or spray type. As to bugs (i.e. sandflies), Bird Island just doesn't tend to have them, but on extremely-calm, still days they may come momentarily from other nearby islands.

#17- Places to stay in mainland: We suggest Cozy Corner or the fancier Nirvana hotel, both are the closest from where we take off. Sea Spray, Ranguana Lodge are also good choices. All four are right on the Placencia beach.

#18- General weather pattern:
January-June 15th: is considered the 'dry season'.
June 15th-July 15th: the first seasonal rains tend to occur.
July 1st-September 15th: usually very nice weather, interrupted by the occasional 30-minute passing thunderstorm.
September 15th-October 30th: the second seasonal rains tend to occur.
November 1st-December 30th daily scattered thunderstorms here and there but great weather in long stretches between them.
(Please note that weather in Belize tends to be pleasant, specially at Bird Island is a bit in a rain shadow and inside an atoll, so its surrounding waters stay clear even when unusually windy. Weather however we could never guarantee; the above is a rough guide only).

#19- Getting to Placencia from Belize City:
By Air: (Maya or Tropic Air) $235 USD round trip per person / 40 minute flight. Fastest way.
By Car: Rental Car; roughly 3.5 hour drive. Cost could range between $50 - $125 USD a day.
By Taxi: About $150 USD each way, good option for a 4-6 person group.
By Shuttle: Start at roughly $75 USD each way per person; 5 runs a day. Nice, relaxing scenic drive but long.

Last Note: Bird Island is always undergoing improvements each year. Last year (2016) we added new decks, a fishing dock and the new observatory overlooking the atoll, which guests simple have loved. This year (2017) we did the new walkways and an added over-the-water, totally self-contained cabana (16ft x16ft). During 2018 we will be adding many more additions and improvements, such as creating a true beach and an added island.

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A few things to be kept in mind are posted on the premises, nothing more than a few common sense suggestions. Please make sure to read the General Island Information section.


99 vélemény

Evelyn felhasználói profilja
2017. november
Fred was an amazing host! His priority was for us to have a blast with no issues. He really made sure we were taken care of. The island is very secluded and safe. It has something special about it, I can't explain it, you'll just have to see for yourself. The wildlife and fishing around us was amazing! We saw all sorts of fish, HUGE manta rays, birds, squid, starfish, and all sorts of shellfish. We traveled with an 8 year old who had a BLAST collecting hermit crabs and releasing them. The stars were beautiful at night, you could see the milky way from anywhere on the island. We took the Smorgasboard tour with Arthur, he was awesome and made our day exceptionally fun. We had such a good time and can not wait to be back one day. Thank you Fred!

Jenni felhasználói profilja
2017. november
My husband and I spent three nights on Bird Island for our 10th anniversary, and only wish we had a few more. It was amazing. It was the ultimate in seclusion - we went three whole days without talking to anyone else ... just occasional waves to passing fishing boats. We brought some movies but didn't end up watching any. Even on the night it stormed, there was so much to do! We baked a cake, made a pizza, read and played card games, and took a quick swim in the rain. Snorkeling was amazing. We found our favorite spots but I enjoyed swimming a circle around the whole reef - so many big bright starfish and colorful tropical fish. I also spotted moon jellyfish, a ray, a nurse shark, a reef squid, etc. I appreciated the advice from another reviewer to swim straight out from the dock - that was a great path out to some cool reef features. Probably our favorite part was sitting up on the deck and stargazing. I've never seen such a cool night sky - incredible visibility to stars, planets, the Milky Way and other galaxies. We downloaded an app that helped us identify constellations and everything else we were seeing. We had fun kayaking, playing card games, fishing, watching the sunrises and sunsets, and just relaxing. Fred and Ruth were so pleasant - wonderful hosts. Any time I reached out, Fred got back to me quickly. They've created a wonderful oasis on Bird Island and we feel lucky to have experienced it. Book if you have the chance! We plan to visit again, next time with our kids.

David felhasználói profilja
2017. november
WOW. What a location. Such a unique experience. Let me preface though: this is not for those who are expecting 5-star luxury accommodations and service. This is for the adventurous type- those who appreciate Nature and the uniqueness of island living and sustainability. The island is almost completely self powered with renewables. One must be cognizant of how much power you use- turn off lights, don't let water run forever. That said, my fiancé and I never even came close to being low on power or water (there is a generator if needed). The lounging space is amazing- from the top deck with the La Fuma reclinable chairs, to numerous hammocks, lounge chairs, fire pit, etc. The wind was quite variable however- nothing you can do about it. For that reason we only used the grill once and fire pit two nights. Outdoor shower was very nice...the one thing we did not realize or anticiapte...the one creature comfort we craved was hot water for a shower. All said though, showering outdoors in cold water on an 82 degree sunny day is nothing to complain about :) we didn't even use the indoor shower once (which also does not have hot water). Snorkeling- was amazing. So much to see around the island itself! Again, with variable weather and wind conditions, one must be a pretty strong swimmer to go any distance from the house (and a somewhat seasoned snorkeler or diver). While it is possible to walk the entire atoll during low tide, the coral is very brittle and stepping on it is not a good idea...not only does it kill the coral and growth but there are lots of sea anemones you do not want to step on...even with water shoes. Even in 2ft of water, we opted to float or snorkel everywhere. As I am a diver and my fiancé is much more comfortable snorkeling- Fred and Ruth arranged a trip with Go Sea tours. Francisco the owner is great. They do mixed trips of divers/snorkelers a few times a week- mainly to Silky Cay right on the reef. Go Sea picked is up and dropped is right at the island and made the experience super easy- definitely recommend. Additionally, we wanted to go fishing one day so Fred and Ruth arranged for Ruths' son Leo to take us out fishing. Along with his brother Darrel- both were very experienced and made the day a blast. We caught a plethora of fish and lobsters- which they gladly filleted for us back at the island....and even hung around for some tuna (bonita) sashimi from our catch! Doesn't get any fresher than that. Kayaking was great too. Jeff on the nearby island is a very nice fellow and was nice to chat with him. Note- the trip back against the wind can be quite strong so ensure you are prepared and a strong enough paddler before venturing too far. Lastly, as the weather is unpredictable- our first day it poured rain...

Veronica felhasználói profilja
2017. október
One the best vacation we have ever had! My husband and I had the whole island to ourselves for our 10 year anniversary. We truly had the most relaxing & rejuvenating time at Bird Island. The only vacation we had without needing another vacation to recuperate from all the craziness. The hardest decisions we had to do on daily basis is whether to eat or be in the water. We have our favorite spots to enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the day. You can never get enough of the viewing the sea life, gorgeous sunrises & sunsets, birds, and especially the night sky. We also got the pleasure to spending time with Fred & Ruth, very sweet and caring hosts. Overall, they made sure our stay was smooth & memorable. We can’t thank you enough for the unforgettable memories, the delicious coconut pie (still craving for more), & beautiful conch shell you got our son. We miss you both and the island! Hope we get to come back in the near future with our son.
Fred felhasználói profilja
Fred válasza:
Was our supreme pleasure to have you visit. It was a real treat.
2017. október

John felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Bird Island was a great experience, and we will book again. The island is beautiful! Fred can set up a dive boat to take you scuba diving and snorkeling - I dove and my wife snorkeled. Some of the best diving I have ever done, beautiful out on the barrier reef! The boat crew picks you up right at the island! I would highly recommend going out for the snorkeling and spearfishing with Rudy and Rudy Sr. You swim and spearfish in the morning for fish, lobster and crab, and then you go to a beach and they cook it up,for lunch. Amazing! Life on the island is quiet, and was nice every morning having coffee in the tower hammock! Overall a great experience and Fred and Ruth are great hosts.

Sangwoo John felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Great getaway place for quiet self reflecting time. I would love to come back here in a few years to see how the place have evolved. Or not. Much thanks to Fred for creating such a sanctuary for a group like mine who needed a quiet get away from our hectic everyday lives. Belize, Placencia, and Bird Island, with all they had to offer, are forever etched on our minds.
Fred felhasználói profilja
Fred válasza:
Developing such an island from scratch has been indeed an evolution; but it is what has made the journey so much fun (and challenging). We really do look forward to your return.
2017. október

Brian felhasználói profilja
2017. szeptember
Wow! What a great experience. We had one small problem with the fridge, but Fred was out to the island within an hour to correct it. Dont hesitate to book, it is worth it in every way. We took the kayaks out the first day to explore the reef and find the best spots for snorkeling. Get out early to take advantage of the calm morning water. Fishing around sunset is incredible. Pick up some frozen shrimp for bait. Go out at night and collect a dozen sea urchins and enjoy the freshest Uni you might ever have. We did bring a mosquito net for over the bed. It was useful for the times when the wind wasnt cooperating in the very early morning hours. An unforgettable opportunity that truly cant be duplicated.
Fred felhasználói profilja
Fred válasza:
Brian, one learns something every day, I finally tried those sea urchins, and here we thought they were totally useless. After stellar dry weather this whole summer, this October has turned out to be the wettest weather indeed with dead still nights to boot, so your mosquito net idea was indeed a cool idea; I just brought some very fancy ones from China per your example. Safe travels you two!
2017. szeptember

Placencia, BelizeCsatlakozás időpontja: december 2014
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Retired not from work, but from the maddening crowd. Came to Belize in 2010. Started Bird Island in 2013. Military Service: Vietnam Era. Then traveled throughout Central and South America for 2 years, always thought I would be back. Went to Cornell University for 5 years. Live…
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