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Stay in a truly private island on a beautiful atoll, with excellent swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring - with all the comforts. Bird Island has been featured in many national magazines and newspapers throughout the world; it was the opening act in Airbnb's 'Like This, Live There' 2016 campaign. Bird Island is not a catered 5-star resort experience, rather a unique personal experience, perfectly described by the reviews left by past Airbnb guests that have stayed on it already.

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The central theme of Bird Island is a self-catering Robinson Crusoe type of adventure, yet with all the comforts, where one could get to do their own thing in total privacy. We offer Bird Island at an exceptional price for an experience best suited for the self-sufficient and resourceful in nature. Minimum stay is 4 days, maximum 7 days. Presently, the island is best suited for four (4) people, though by early 2018 that will change to six (6).

All one has to bring is their own food such as meats, vegetables and drinks; the kitchen is well stocked with everything else. Transportation from Placencia to and from island is included. Fishing equipment and snorkeling equipment is best to bring your own and can be rented locally. There are kayaks and float tubes in the island. Also a local phone, WiFi, and BBQ and many other amenities.

The island has a new main house at one end and a separate cabana on the other. It is surrounded by wadable, extremely shallow crystal-clear waters; you can snorkel, swim, wade or take the kayaks and cruise the entire nearly mile-long atoll or nearby islands.

It is a perfect setting for either a romantic get-away for a couple, a family gathering/reunion or for a small group of friends. The island also tend to have exceptional weather, always cool when mainland starts to become hot and humid by early April. You will rarely see any of the notorious sand flies or mosquitoes in Bird Island found in the mainland, it was hand-filled with fine river sand to achieve that objective.

Want to get-away from it all, even for the shortest of time, with your love one or group of friends, then this is the place. Want to go swimming or snorkeling in crystal clear water in a beautiful unspoiled reef, you will be surrounded by one. Want to grab a fishing rod and cast to cruising feeding fish, the atoll around the island is considered one of the best for it.

Spending time at Bird Island, even for the shortest of time, you will feel like you have done something special.

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The trip to the island is by boat which we provide and is included in the price.

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Egyéb fontos dolgok

General Bird Island Information
#1-Availability: As you can see from the calendar, Bird Island is booked well in advance and many assume at first glance the calendar must be in error, it isn't. We do keep a waiting list however, though cancellations have been rare.

#2 -Length of Stay: From experience we have found a stay of 4-5 days is about perfect to stay in Bird Island. If you notice our calendar is now set in 4-day 'windows' (occasionally 5 days) and a blocked day in-between guests, which allows us to make our preparations for your stay a lot better and continually improve the island along the way. If you are interested in a longer stay than 4-5 days, we do consider such requests on a case by case basis.

#3 -Extra Guests: Your party will always have the island to yourself regardless how many people the island can accommodate. Considering how far in advance Bird Island gets booked, we suggest to book two people only from the outset if not sure how many extra guests you will have, and simply add extra guests about a month before your arrival. In this way, it puts no pressure on you to guess correctly how many people will eventually show up so far in advance.

#4- The trip from Placencia Village to Bird Island is included in the booking price. Check-out time is at 11:00am, and pick up (check in) is at 1:00pm. We meet at the M&M Hardware boat dock/gas station (where Hockey Pockey is), which is in the back of its large parking lot (lagoon side). Please note, pick up from the island should be roughly 2 hrs before a scheduled flight out of Placencia however.

#5: Exclusivity. Yes, when you book the island, you (or group) will have the whole Island all to yourselves.

#6- Sun Tan Lotion and Bug Spray. Remember, it is the tropics; the best type of suntan lotion is one of a high Block Factor, either lotion or spray type. As to bugs (i.e. sandflies), Bird Island just doesn't tend to have them, but on extremely-calm, still days they may come from other nearby islands.

#7- Wading slipper-type shoes. The island is surrounded by hard sand flats, further away by coral; bringing soft shoes that cover your toes and ankle are a good thing to have when walking about. There are many pairs in the island that may fit you, but no guarantee to do so.

#8- Snorkeling equipment: Bring your own or you can rent them locally on the way to the island. Yes the island does have many sets, but no guarantee they will fit you. For divers, there is a local place in town for renting tanks, though most divers arrange a separate diving tour with a local outfit that can pick them up at the island.

#9- Fishing equipment: The island is usually surrounded by constant marauding schools of fish (jacks, snappers, etc) feeding around it. Best to bring (or rent) your own equipment and a few small (1") silver spoons if fishing. If want to do bottom fishing, should get shrimp bait when food shopping.

#10- Food: Bird Island is a self-catering scenario so plan to bring enough meats, vegetable and drinks (and liquor) for your stay. The island however, does have a very well-stocked kitchen with a myriad of condiments such as cake mixes, flour, rice, spices, oils, paper towels, garbage bags, etc., so you don't have to be required to think of every little thing. Near where we take off for the island in town, there are excellent food stores and vegetable stands. Food shopping is a very simple step in Placencia Village and should be left for last.

#11- Refrigeration: The island has a new propane refrigerator with a fair-size freezer. It has ice trays.

#12- Water: The island has a well-filtered rain-water system, for all uses including cooking and even drinking water. Nonetheless, we still provide purified drinking water for drinking; meaning no need to worry about drinking water. Overall water conservation is extremely appreciated, an island after all is like being in the middle of a desert.

#13- Communication. A local phone is at the island so you can call local numbers, or us, at any time. The island has very good and reliable WiFi.

#14- Power. Solar-powered and has a wind generator; so no noisy generator.

#15- Boating. Two single-person kayaks, knee boards and inner tubes to cruise the atoll that surrounds it.

#16- Sleeping accommodations: The island's main house has a master bedroom with a double bed and a double sofa/bed. The main house also has a separate, small back bedroom. There is also a separate Cabana, with a double-size bed, Sirius radio, desk, etc. The island (at present) can accommodate up to four (4) persons perfectly, (6) depending on group composition.

#17- Places to stay in mainland: We suggest Sea Spray, Ranguana Lodge, Cozy Corner (which is right across the street from where we take off) or the fancier Nirvana hotel, all four right on the Placencia beach.

#18- General weather pattern:
January-June 15th is considered the 'dry season'. (January-April, May warmer and still).
June 15th-July 15th the first seasonal rains tend to occur.
July 1st-September 15th usually very nice weather, interrupted by the occasional 30-minute passing thunderstorm.
September 15th-October 15th the second seasonal rains tend to occur.
October 15th-December 30th daily scattered thunderstorms here and there but great weather in between them.
Please note that weather in Belize tends to be pleasant, specially at Bird Island which is inside an atoll, so its waters stay clear even when windy. Perfect weather however we could never guarantee; the above is a rough guide only.

#19- Getting to Placencia from Belize City:
By Air: (Maya or Tropic Air) $235 USD round trip per person / 40 minute flight. Fastest way.
By Car: Rental Car; roughly 3.5 hour drive. Cost could range between $50 - $125 USD a day.
By Taxi: About $150 USD each way, up to 4 people, or more.
By Shuttle: Start at roughly $75 USD each way per person; 5 runs a day. Nice, relaxing scenic drive but long.

#20-Please Note: Bird Island is always undergoing improvements each year. Last year (2016) we added new decks, a fishing dock and the new observatory overlooking the atoll, which guests simple have loved. This year (2017) we did the new walkways and starting a new 2nd home with a bedroom upstairs overlooking the atoll. During 2018 we will be adding many more additions and improvements; the goal is a new section with a true beach.

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Olivia felhasználói profilja
2017. június
This place is as good as everyone says. It's special. There are secluded places, sure, but there is nothing that compares to being on your own in the middle of the ocean. My boyfriend and I spent our days kayaking to the surrounding islands, snorkeling, or sitting in hammocks reading. We especially loved the view from the top deck where we could watch barracuda or giant rays swim by since the water was so clear (we also saw a nurse shark off the dock at night! so cool!). The snorkeling was excellent as well. We saw angel fish that were two feet high... multiple rays... gorgeous schools of fish. The brightest starfish I've ever seen, too! It was gorgeous, and unlike anything I've ever done before. Waking up and having coffee on the dock or just sitting and watching the fish swim underneath was amazing. We'll never forget this experience and Fred couldn't have been more helpful. This is a truly special place!

Tyler felhasználói profilja
2017. június
The best snorkeling I've ever experienced. My Wife and I made memories we'll never forget. Thanks Fred!

Shelby felhasználói profilja
2017. május
My husband and I had a phenomenal stay. It was amazing to wake up each morning and to walk out and see fish, rays, etc. We loved the five hammocks and moving around the island during different parts of the day to get the best wind/sun and to enjoy every bit of it. We snorkeled and kayaked the rest of our time. It was a truly unique experience that we will treasure forever.

Matt felhasználói profilja
2017. május
We had an amazing time. The snorkeling is fantastic. We spent the days snorkeling, fishing, and just lounging around on our own private island. What better way to spend a honeymoon. Fred and Ruth did a great job with this place!! They are extremely accommodating and catered to our needs and even set up guided trips that picked us up and dropped us back off at the island. Bird Island is truly a thing of beauty. If you are reading this right now, just go ahead and do yourself a favor an book it! Good luck finding availability though because word has gotten out about how amazing the island is and they are booked for quite some time. The wait to get out there will be well worth the wait. My wife and I are still speechless about the experience we just had out there. It'll take some time for it all to settle in and truly realize how lucky we were to get to experience it. Truly a trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much Fred and Ruth!!
Fred felhasználói profiljaFred Superhost házigazda.
Fred válasza:
Thank you Matt. I haven't responded individually to reviews for a while, because I am always afraid of running out of something interesting to say to each. The fact is, we really appreciate our guests, really find their life story interesting (they all have one), and we do love to hear that they not only had a good time during their stay, but experienced a special sentiment during it. It is all about our guests for us, it is what drives us to always do even better. Bird Island has come a long ways, but must take another step this coming year; the dream and goal now is of adding a 2nd island to it, with a little hidden white-sand beach among the palm trees. Imagine.
2017. május

Eric felhasználói profilja
2017. május
If you're reading this, you need to stop contemplating and treat yourself to a true delight and book this place. My wife and I stayed for 4 nights as the second leg to our honeymoon and it was everything and so much more. Truly a special experience that I feel very fortunate to have experienced. Speared some nice parrot fish on the reef so we had fresh fish everyday. Can't wait to book our return trip!

Glenn felhasználói profilja
2017. április
Don't miss this opportunity. Bird island is a life changing experience.

Lynn felhasználói profilja
2017. április
This is a vacation spot of a lifetime. Fred is an awesome host ! Bird Island, Placencia and Belize are all beautiful locations. We loved everything and would come here again in a heartbeat. Thank you Fred for everything!

Placencia, Belize · Csatlakozás időpontja: december 2014
Fred felhasználói profiljaFred Superhost házigazda.

Retired not from work, but from the maddening crowd. Came to Belize in 2010. Started Bird Island in 2013.
Military Service: Vietnam Era. Then traveled throughout Central and South America for 2 years, always thought I would be back. Went to Cornell University for 5 years. Lived in Sun Valley, ID area for 7 years and then in Prescott, AZ for 23 years until 2010. My two main hobbies have been fly fishing and bird hunting with my beloved English Setters which I had the supreme honor of having for three generations encompassing 37 years.

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