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Happy CamperYour non glamourous camping gear ready for pick up.
Renta Tent-Magical Sedona Adventure w/ Heat Packs!
Renta Tent-Magical Sedona Adventure w/ Heat Packs!
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8 vendég
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A lefele nyíl lenyomásával mozoghatsz a naptárban, és kiválaszthatsz egy dátumot. A kérdőjel billentyű lenyomásával jelenítheted meg a dátumok módosítására szolgáló billentyűparancsokat.


A lefele nyíl lenyomásával mozoghatsz a naptárban, és kiválaszthatsz egy dátumot. A kérdőjel billentyű lenyomásával jelenítheted meg a dátumok módosítására szolgáló billentyűparancsokat.

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Ready for a unique Sedona nature adventure? Are you ready to spend the night under the stars? Rent camping gear and learn insider tips on where to camp in beautiful( and free!) locations in the area. Your camping concierge will cheer you on.

Bring the spirit of adventure and we will help you with the rest!
This listing welcomes travelers of all religions, nationalities, and genders.

Heat packs provided for your sleeping bag.

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Do you crave the power and beauty of nature? Are you up for adventure?
Far different than a Sedona hotel room, this experience is for the exploring traveler who wants to connect with the land in a deeper way. Your camping gear which includes a tent, tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, blanket, and a flashlight sets the stage for a perfect outdoor adventure.

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IF YOU HAVE A HIGH CLEARANCE VEHICLE - You MAY choose to camp on a gorgeous old pioneer road which climbs up above the town into the pines and has otherworldly views. Camping used to be very popular on this road but has been eliminated on the bottom of the road. You CAN still camp legally and FREE above after a number of miles. You really do need a high clearance vehicle for this one AND plenty of time to get there before dark. This is not for the faint or heart or for someone who has never camped or driven on a dirt and rocky road.
IF YOU HAVE A PASSENGER CAR- You will be getting directions to car camp south of town in the Dry Creek area which is possible with a normal passenger car. You will have many good options for where to camp, some spots with gorgeous views.

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Potential add ons:
Generous boxes of firewood for $10 (during nonrestriction burn times)
Add up to 3 camp chairs for $5( based on availability)
Add 3 audio files of Sedona tour guide stories for a lowly $5. The Spiritual Side of Sedona, The Three Trees of Sedona and Geology and How Sedona Came To Be. ( you will recieve 2 audio files free as part of your booking: 1, Camping Info, and 2, Directions to the camping areas and Sedona Hiking/Restaurant Tips.

IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN GEAR, you can book a camping consultation for $25 and I'll advise you where you camp in beautiful places for free.

Please be advised that while I do enjoy meeting my guests, this isnt always possible if our schedules dont match up.. If I cannot be here, I will arrange for a self pick up, make sure you have camping directions and can also speak with you by phone. If you need pick up times other than what is posted( 4 to 7pm) its likely it will be a self pick up.

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Setting up while its light- after renting tents for a while, I would say this is hands down the MOST IMPORTANT way to ensure you enjoy your experience.
Often when we are traveling, it is hard to make it to where you will stay before dark, especially in winter with such short days. But be aware you are booking a short adventure that you lead( with my assistance) rather than pulling up to a hotel room at 10 pm and dropping in bed. You need to pick up your gear, have your food ready, and then drive out to look for your spot among many available options and then set up the gear. Its a fun adventure during the day, but at night on a dirt road in an unknown place, not so much fun for some people. If you are an experienced camper/traveler it won't be beyond your skill set( it is car camping, after all), but I must emphasize that it is highly preferable to set up in daylight. You may not have as fun of a time camping and setting up in the dark. If you do choose to set up in the dark, I will still rent you gear but you take all responsibility for this decision.

Disclosure-This is a non glampling adventure. It is primitive camping which means no water or bathrooms. It is not fancy and there is no luxury gear included, except perhaps the pillow. However, I can guarantee the views will rival any five star resort in Sedona.

2 person tent with easy set up
Sleeping bag/pads
Flash light
Pillow with clean pillowcase
Please note: no cooking gear in included in your rental gear.

For each additional person, add a sleeping bag, pad, pillow, blanket and pillowcase for $10 extra.

I have had a number if people email to tell me they have their own gear but want to know the sweet local free camping. That is fine. You can email me if that is your interest and I will send you a special offer of $25. I'll then have access to your phone number and will call you with advice and to answer any questions and help you design your camping adventure.

Check the cancelation policy before you book to ensure you are ok with it. I dont give last minute refunds based on changes of weather, or a partner who changed their mind about camping. You will get a refund( minus airbnb fees) if you do cancel within 5 days prior to your reservation.

No smoking in the tent please or you just bought me a new one.

Please note and approve of check out/check in times.. check out is after 3 pm. I may be able to meet you or it may be a self check out. Check in is anytime by 10 am (and billed for $5 an hour starting at 10.15 am after that)unless another arrangement is made in advance.

Single Women Camping

I get a number of single women( some who have never camped) who want to get my feedback on if they should come or not.
While I am happy to provide advice and tips while they rent my gear, only the camper herself can decide if this is something within her comfort zone. I have hiked long distances and backpacked alone and I feel good about it, and to me this is easy car camping.Yet I realize everyone has different comfort zones. Use your intuition. I would say a general rule of thumb for this experience if you are new to it is to ask yourself if you consider yourself an adventurous person and if you want to try new things.Please be aware my phone is off after 8 pm.

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Az érkezés ideje 15:00–18:00
Távozás a következő időpontig: 10:00

Any renting camper agrees to abide by any current fire restrictions.

No smoking in the tent, please. Or you just bought me a new one.

Please note and approve of check out/check in times.. checking out the gear is after 3 pm. Late returns after 1015 am are billed at $15 an hour.

You understand the airbnb cancelation policy.

Guest who are booking understand that it is highly recommended to arrive to pick up gear at least 1 hour before dark. If you can't make it by this time you assume responsibilty for any results of this decision.

FAQ- I do my very best to answer your questions in the listing so please read carefully. I may have already done so. But I''ll do a repeat anyway.

Hey! Im not sure about camping! Can we talk by phone?( my number one question)

I'm sorry but the way airbnb works is we cant exchange contact info until the booking. I can call you then. In the meantime read the whole listing with reviews.

Can you tell me the exact spot I am going to be camping before I book?
No, sorry. Part of the service I offer is advice on where to camp legally and for free. If you just want to know the hot tips in secret spots and have your own gear let me know and I'll send you a special offer for a $25 consultation. You can see some photos of the spots in my listings.

Can you set up the tent for me?


How cold is it?

Check the weather forecast and see if it seems ok to you for your own personal needs. Everyone has a different comfort zone.

Can you provide cooking gear?
No. I'm sorry but I don't provide that.

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Korlátozott szolgáltatások - one bathroom in camping area, no running water.
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Serena felhasználói profilja
2017. november
T was great at communicating with us, and made sure we had everything needed for camping. Couldn't have asked for more!

Jenny felhasználói profilja
2017. november
Fantastic night out under the stars without having to pack my own tent! Directions were clear and precise, eatery recommendations were delicious, and the equipment included everything needed, including a flashlight. Thanks for the extra blanket and the bonus pomegranate fresh from the tree! Best night of my excellent week in the area. I recommend you make a conscious effort to set up well before sunset as once the sun goes down, finding a site and avoiding the prickly things, even with a flashlight would be hard. But it is so worth it.

Monika felhasználói profilja
2017. november
The equipment was perfect and efficient. Next time I would DEFINITELY pick a different location. I know we could have gone further along for a more picturesque site, but it was getting dark. My friend and I felt like we were just in a dirt lot along side the highway. As 2 females camping alone, we felt extremely uncomfortable and unsafe. We felt like sitting ducks. Apparently closer to Slide Rock there are actually camp sites. Next time I would 1000% pick a different location

Seth felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Dylan, the co-host, was very cool and extremely informative. First time visiting Sedona, but he made it very easy to navigate and provided us with a well drawn out map of where to go. Helped out a lot. Very hospitable!

Jen felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Everything worked out as expected; we had a great time in a beautiful place! All the supplies T provided were clean and in good working order.

Ellen felhasználói profilja
2017. október
Great place for tenting. Directions were spot-on, and l was given excellent information on what to expect and where to camp.

Brianna felhasználói profilja
2017. október
This listing is about the experience and beautiful views. Camping gear is basic but suitable. Tara offered local tips, quick check in and even some organic pomegranates we picked off her tree to take on the road.

Sedona, Arizona, Egyesült ÁllamokCsatlakozás időpontja: július 2013
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I love travel and adventure. I am a tour guide and also a photographer/videographer.

My cat Fig is the coolest cat in the world and she is also a traveler. Check her reviews!

My favorite poem is by Shel Silverstein.

Magic Carpet

You have a magic carpet
That will whiz you through the air
To Maine Or Spain Or Africa
If you just tell it where

So will you let it take you
Where you have never been before
Or will you buy some drapes to match
And use it on your floor?

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