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Pro 2 Person Hammock Pick Your Spot

Pro 2 Person Hammock Pick Your Spot

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A lefele nyíl lenyomásával mozoghatsz a naptárban, és kiválaszthatsz egy dátumot. A kérdőjel billentyű lenyomásával jelenítheted meg a dátumok módosítására szolgáló billentyűparancsokat.


A lefele nyíl lenyomásával mozoghatsz a naptárban, és kiválaszthatsz egy dátumot. A kérdőjel billentyű lenyomásával jelenítheted meg a dátumok módosítására szolgáló billentyűparancsokat.

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Playa Grande is a 1,5 kilometer wide public beach between the larger villages of Rio San Juan and Cabrera. Mostly the beach is visited by locals. Occasional tourists, mostly in groups, tempt to settle down on the beach at times as well. But only for de day-time. While camping you most probably be the only one, during my stay in July 2012 there was only 2 nights with other campers.

The beach is very peacefull and away from mass tourism. Entering the water is quickly going deep after a couple of meters. Check (Hidden by Airbnb) for the seasons which are good for surfing. For your daily groceries you can pay your host to get some from the villages, take the local public transport busses or a taxi. In my case I rented a motorcycle during my stay to go up and down myself. The host can help you out with renting one. Getting to one of the villages takes about 15 min.

Before you reach the village of Cabrera at your right there is an entrance to visit a wonderfull Waterfall. All the entrances you find opposite of the beach you have the farmer villages in their mountain natural life.

HOST & SECURITY (language in Spanglish ;)) )
On the beach there are 6 "casetta's" these are wooden sheds with locals who are there often for more then 15 years to sell their services like food, drinks, beach seats/tables and souveniers. The shed at your most right, once at the front side number 6 I believe, is owned by Roberto. He is your host and sells you good food, keeps an eye on the hammock and helps you out. Obviously he or nobody can guarantee full responsibility of your safety and stuff on the beach, since this is camping on public territory. Myself I never had any problems during my 5 weeks there.

The casetta's are open roughly from 09.00 till 18.00. From 18.00 till 09.00 there are 2 Marine Soldiers present every night to guard the beach. Do report yourself to these guys on the first night. If they are not walking around they are sitting around the casetta's.

In able to legally camp on the beach you need a permit which is obtainable at the "Marine Office" (a regular concrete shed) just in front of the village of Cabrera (right hand). Bring your passport and some local cash money. For my 5 weeks stay I payed Euro 37 (approx. 2000 Dominican Pesos) if I remember correctly.

Those are not allowed.

- professional 2 person hammock
- water and insect proof
- two inside beds with independent stability
- large ample storage compartment in the middle that can hold backpacks and items
- two exteriour pockets for gear and other stuff
- weather shield (encloses hammock like a true tent) that unzips to foot end where it stores in a pocket, usable in case of heavy rain
- recommended Comfort/Safety weight limit for each hammock bed: 250 lbs. (113 kg)
- recommended safety weight capacity of the center storage section is 200 lbs. (91 kg)
- during my presence there was a chemical toilet on the beach, otherwise you have to digg a whole for your daily output ;))

CAMPING ITEMS (included and comes in a water proof bag)
- cups, plates and cutlery
- cooking and a roasting pan
- two salad/pasta bowles
- gasoline burner for cooking
- solar lamp
- survival knife
- 2 sleeping bags
- laundry line
- water sack for dishwashes

- for the table and chairs you arrange a price with your host


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