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Legyen szó akár városnézésről, akár rejtett kincsek felfedezéséről, ismerd meg a helyiek segítségével, mi teszi egyedivé a várost.

“A mountain waterfall, a vineyard and a national memorial – you can find it all in Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg”
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“Atelier Loidl's beautiful Park keeps the memory of the former Rail infrastructure site alive. landscape, 2010”
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Német étterem
“good place to go for a run, to relax, or go for a movie in the open air theater”
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Olasz étterem
“Excellent thin-crust Italian pizza on the lovely nearby canal. After you eat, you can take a stroll on the canal. It gets very crowded, especially in summer.”
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Doner Restaurant
“This gritty doner kebab kiosk or "imbiss", as the German say, is the most famous in Berlin, and the line can at times reach the end of the quarter. Some say it is worth it, others are unsure, but the fact is that almost everyone in Berlin has tried it! Open everyday from 11:00. Week days until 02:00, Fridays and Saturdays until 05:00.”
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“Here the German gymnastic movement headed by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn began. And today the park is still popular with athletes.”
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Currywurst Joint
“I have tried Bratwurt here, and it is really good. And it is in the central area, so you can try it and then go to enjoy the rest of your visit, be it drinking at a bar or clubbing or both one after the other:) ”
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“different places to get food or a coffee and some other small things. I would recommend the French market stand "LE BRETAGNE". They have the typical French "Galette", a crepe out of buckwheat with goat cheese and other yummy stuff”
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Used Bookstore
“bergmannstr is the heart of berlins lovely bergmannkiez. you'll find cafes, bars, vintage and small designer shops”
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“The whole street is full of small boutiques as well as a market hall with street food and fresh food.”
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“Masaniello is our favourite pizzeria. They serve authentic Neapolitan style pizzas as well as other casalinga Italian dishes. The Verace Rossa is a must. ”
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Indie Theater
“Bergmannstraße, well-known and popular among locals as much as among tourists. Umpteen boutiques, bars and restaurants all along the broad, crowded sidewalks. This south-western part of Kreuzberg offers historical architecture, parks of all kinds, and authentic Bohemian lifestyle. May the hipster hype plague SO36 (the eastern part of Kreuzberg), Friedrichshain and large parts of Prenzlauer Berg. This is home of cool Berlin.”
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Indie mozi
“Great place to watch films (in original version) in the summer. Screenings start every evening about 9.30 pm. Make sure to get there at least 30 minutes in advance. ”
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Basketball Court
“Used to be the inner city airport, now it´s one of the largest inner city parks in the world.”
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Vietnami étterem
“One of the most well-known and beloved Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin, they have several locations, this one being its oldest. The outdoor area is great during warm days and nights. Open every day from noon to midnight. ”
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“The neighborhood "Gräfekiez" around Gräfestraße, southwest of the Landwehrkanal – is an enclave in the middle of Kreuzberg The gracious Gründerzeit architecture invites you to take long walks in a colorful and rich neighborhood with plenty to discover. Lloads of small cafes, ice-cream stores, small shops, restaurants etc.”
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