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Legyen szó akár városnézésről, akár rejtett kincsek felfedezéséről, ismerd meg a helyiek segítségével, mi teszi egyedivé a várost.

“definately the best home made lemonade ever! And delicious food in a beautiful garden next to the riverside......”
  • 129 helybéli ajánlja
Német étterem
“good place to go for a run, to relax, or go for a movie in the open air theater”
  • 106 helybéli ajánlja
Olasz étterem
“Excellent thin-crust Italian pizza on the lovely nearby canal. After you eat, you can take a stroll on the canal. It gets very crowded, especially in summer.”
  • 189 helybéli ajánlja
Vietnami étterem
“Very similar to my favourite Sen Viet's, but with a decidedly ever more down to earth, open and casual vibe, with a blend of local artists, hipsters, tourists, workers, even the local policemen on duty order their meal to go there. Tasty and affordable (€4.90 for a chicken curry!)”
  • 165 helybéli ajánlja
“Here the German gymnastic movement headed by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn began. And today the park is still popular with athletes.”
  • 109 helybéli ajánlja
“local legendary place.. the food is not out of this world, but the location is funky enough for a visit”
  • 119 helybéli ajánlja
“Large department store nearby. On the ground floor, there's a pharmacy open until 20:00 Mo-Sa. There's a bookstoor, Telekom store, and post office with ATMs as well.”
  • 73 helybéli ajánlja
“Masaniello is our favourite pizzeria. They serve authentic Neapolitan style pizzas as well as other casalinga Italian dishes. The Verace Rossa is a must. ”
  • 74 helybéli ajánlja
“Underground Bar: I have been here, and it has an amazing ambiance to enjoy...lighted mainly with candles, it gives a mysterious impression inside and always good people hanging out there. Highly recommended. ”
  • 61 helybéli ajánlja
“Also very close, and good every night of the week. In summer they show soccer games in the outside area.”
  • 60 helybéli ajánlja
“We highly recommend this place for grabbing a drink. The place has such an amazing atmosphere to sip cocktails or wine with friends. Mae's personal favorite for starters --- Lemon Sour! The breakfast food is a must try - Pancakes and Bacon galore! let us know if you agree with us on this one”
  • 54 helybéli ajánlja
Indie mozi
“Excellent movie selection, great snacks, and in the heart of Neukölln. Also hosts a yearly porn film festival. ”
  • 51 helybéli ajánlja
“The neighborhood "Gräfekiez" around Gräfestraße, southwest of the Landwehrkanal – is an enclave in the middle of Kreuzberg The gracious Gründerzeit architecture invites you to take long walks in a colorful and rich neighborhood with plenty to discover. Lloads of small cafes, ice-cream stores, small shops, restaurants etc.”
  • 21 helybéli ajánlja
“Best Pizza in Berlin. Nothing else to say about it. You can thank us later :)”
  • 43 helybéli ajánlja
“More of a snack bar again. Tiny little sushi place. Food is good, not expensive at all. Nice to sit on lively Kottbusser Damm and watch people passing by.”
  • 49 helybéli ajánlja
“This is not exactly a park nor a bar but it is why I love Kreuzberg. It's simply a bridge over the canal and somehow the people of Kreuzberg have decided to make this the go to place on a warm summer evening. Everybody is sitting around on the ground, having a beer and some snacks and there are street musicians playing. The atmosphere is always very relaxed. Around the bridge are some nice restaurants (you should try the pizza), cafes, an ice cream parlor and a späti (small drinks/tabacco/sweets shop). So you'll get everything you need here. ”
  • 45 helybéli ajánlja