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“This is the most spectacular view you will ever have of the sea and mountains.”
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“A large and great park, 300 meters from the sea. After a siesta in the park go have a drink at Escale Borely (a place with numerous restaurants and bars on the beach) to see the sunset.”
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“Extraordinary scenes. You can walk around an hour and you get to the beach. You deserve it ! Do not forget your water because it can be hot.”
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Sport és testmozgás
“Football stadium Access by metro: line M2 / Stop at Sainte Marguerite - Dromel”
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National Park
“The breathtaking Calanques National Park is near Marseille, another worthy day trip. It extendes over 520 km2 and includes parts of the famous Massif des Calanques, between Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat.”
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Natural Feature
“Beautiful formation/fjords just outside of Marseilles. According to Joakim's parents who live in Cannes this place is well worth seeing. ”
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“All the Calanques are awesome and must be seen. It's possible to board a ferry from the Vieux-Port or to walk around, going from Calanque to Calanque.”
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“Beautiful calnque, worth the trip. Take bus 21 to Luminy (the end of the bus road) and follow the track to the calanque... quite spectacular. ”
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“Probably my favorite place in France!!! You have to be ready to walk more than 1 hour to get there but it’s well worth the effort. ”
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“A 1h30 de marche de la Calanque de Port Miou et à 1 h de marche de la Calanque de Port-Pin”
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“Lovely park, perfect for that morning run or a stroll in the afternoon. Play area for kids. Cafe.”
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“prévoir une visite guidée (intelligente, interactive, subjective). Y aller pour s'asseoir ENSEMBLE AUTOUR d'une œuvre d'art qui est une carte de la Méditerranée... ca vous transporte. Génial pour les enfants. Et les adultes. Bref génial. Vivant. ”
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Bus Station
“That's where euro 2016 mathes take place. How to get: bus 19 to Rond Point Du Prado.”
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“The Calanque de Morgiou is also famous for the Cosquer cave, an underwater grotto containing numerous cave drawings dating back as far as 27,000 years BP.”
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Natural Feature
“Marché de la Plaine: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning where you can find food, makeup, clothing, household items and more and low prices! ”
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Mediterrán étterem
“Food is excellent and the spot is spectacular. Swim below on private beach. Pair with a drive to Cap Canaille, for the best view of the Mediterranean from above (high sea cliff). ”
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