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A legjobb parkok Albuquerque területén

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“You MUST visit historic Old Town during your stay! Learn about our rich history, enjoy the beautiful architecture, and shop til you drop!”
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“The local zoo often hosts fun events, especially during Christmas where the lights are incredible. Acquarium next door.”
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State / Provincial Park
“The Bosque is beautiful the visitors center is informative and the trails wind around beneath very old cottonwoods to the Rio Grande.”
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“The ABQ Biopark Botanic Garden is a 36-acre botanical garden located at 2601 Central Avenue NW in Albuquerque, New Mexico, beside the Rio Grande. The garden showcases plants of the Southwest and other arid climates, and includes a 10,000-square-foot conservatory, formal themed gardens, and a demonstration garden.”
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“There are so many ancient artifacts and petroglyphs carved into massive hills of black volcanic stone which were all drawn by the pre-colonial native peoples who originally inhabited these lands. ”
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“Cultural and historic museum celebrating Hispanic culture. There is also a good restaurant on the property, La Fonda. ”
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“This historic park features a jogging path, basketball hoops, and plenty of play equipment. ”
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“In my way of thinking, this is the best growers market and local craft scene in town! From early spring to late fall, on Saturday mornings from 7am until noon, people show up very early to set up their tents and bring out their beautiful just picked fruits/veggies and their hand made wares. There is always music as well as children and dogs! Oh and don't miss a breakfast burrito from Java Joe's!”
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“Every Tuesday night during the summer, three or four food trucks arrive on scene-there is a yoga class if you come early- families begin to gather and the park fills for a few hours of relaxed social time out side. Many times there will be live music. ”
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“Located on the west side of the Sandia Mountains in the foot hills and about 30 minutes from my house, you can walk until your heart's content. See views of Albuquerque, the valcanos, and Mount Taylor to the west laid out before you. If you have hours you can make it to a trail that runs all along the Sandias.”
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“Favorite local starting place for exploring the Bosque through Albuquerque or Corrales.”
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“The Balloon Fiesta is only a couple of weeks out of the year! People come from around the world to enjoy the sites of the balloons! ”
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National Park
“Petroglyph National Monument protects one of the largest petroglyph sites in North America, featuring designs and symbols carved onto volcanic rocks by Native Americans and Spanish settlers 400 to 700 years ago. These images are a valuable record of cultural expression and hold profound spiritual significance for contemporary Native Americans and for the descendants of the early Spanish settlers.”
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“Friendly and fun park for the family. Has a shaded area and some fun play equipment for the kids. It's right down the street from us! ”
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“Where else can you hike through high desert and reach Canadian alpine forest?”
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