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Hszincsiangi étterem
“A very popular northern Chinese restaurant, if you don’t mind sharing crowded tables. Reservations are always necessary.”
  • 100 helybéli ajánlja
“Pub with amazing food. Please be aware it's not cheap but it's not crazy expensive either.”
  • 62 helybéli ajánlja
“Relaxed pizza place in Camberwell. You can also take out and eat in local pubs, like the Stormbird over the road. ”
  • 47 helybéli ajánlja
“Good food served at lunch and dinner in a pub setting - good in the day for families!”
  • 50 helybéli ajánlja
Török étterem
“A snug cafe fixing up kebabs, falafel & other Turkish staples along with wine & spirits.”
  • 43 helybéli ajánlja
“If, your on a low budget, or your a student or you just want to hang out and see some groovy people. Has outside space/seats too.”
  • 42 helybéli ajánlja
Bútor- vagy lakberendezési áruház
“Beloved local coffee shop, with the best cheese toasties ever. Next to the park; you can watch tennis players while you enjoy your caffeine hit ;) Vegan friendly, bring your keep cup too.”
  • 35 helybéli ajánlja
Etióp étterem
“Ethiopian food is not to everyone's tastes. But if you're a fan, this is a good spot. Nice atmosphere and friendly service.”
  • 21 helybéli ajánlja
“Just buckwheat crepes, both savoury and sweet. Cheap and filling, good vegan options. Open until late. ”
  • 24 helybéli ajánlja
“A quiet local pub with character. Serves a good Sunday lunch, and standard menus other days. Good outdoor areas front and rear.”
  • 25 helybéli ajánlja
Közel-keleti étterem
“Affordable Lebanese food - local favourite, good for families. I recommend the mixed mezze platter for £4.50.”
  • 14 helybéli ajánlja
Olasz étterem
“ITALIAN (PASTA) Real authentic tasteful food; excellent fresh salads and pasta. Great atmosphere and really friendly staff. Gem of a restaurant. Pizza is always very good but I would choose Theo's if pizza is what you are after.”
  • 13 helybéli ajánlja
Görög étterem
“Grapevines and fairy-lights hang from the ceiling in this enduring, taverna-style Greek restaurant. ”
  • 7 helybéli ajánlja
“Classic dishes from Uzbekistan, Turkey, Russia and Eastern Europe plus regional decor and live acts. ”
  • 2 helybéli ajánlja
Vietnami étterem
“Cosy Vietnamese place that serves excellent banh mi and other staples for very cheap! ”
  • 6 helybéli ajánlja
Portugál étterem
“Afro-Portuguese chain restaurant serving flame-grilled chicken in spicy chilli sauce.”
  • 5 helybéli ajánlja