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Találatok megjelenítése erre vonatkozóan: „Budapest, IX. kerület”

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“The A38 ship is a local favorite and a concert venue attracting high-profile bands and DJs. From jazz to pop to rock, A38 displays a wide range of genres when it comes to music. They offer the best parties which all take place on a ship giving some of the best views of the Danube. A38 is located on the Buda side of the city and features live music on the deck. The basement floor is a great place for dinner but keep in mind, like most restaurants in Budapest, they don’t offer many vegetarian options.”
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“Az Élesztő 2013 tavaszán nyílt, mint az első – és azóta is egyetlen - komoly méretű kézműves söröző, melyben 21 csapról folynak az addig csak hébe-hóba csapolt magyar kézműves sörök. Mivel az Élesztőt a Főzdefeszt – Első Hazai Kézműves Sörfesztivál - szervezői nyitották, itt a közönség első kézből férhet hozzá a legizgalmasabb, legkülönlegesebb magyar főzetekhez. 6 perc sétára az ART Trendtől :)”
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Modern európai étterem
“Costes Restaurant in Budapest made history in Hungary as the first restaurant awarded with a star by the Michelin guide, the world famous restaurant guide of the highest prestige.”
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“because they are open till very late so this is a very good choice for whom wanna eat after 11pm”
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Művészeti galéria
“It is a best contemporary theatre in the city and personally my favourite theatre :).”
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“One of the most acclaimed Spanish restaurants in Budapest, a perfect spot for chatting and dining.”
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Festői kilátás
“The Bálna Terrace is the site located in the Bálna Promenade, one of the most dynamically developing meeting points of Budapest, bustling with both locals and visitors every day of the week. You can have some meal or just a drink enjoying a beautiful view of Buda side.”
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“Streetfood at its best. A great selection of daily soups - all tasty and filling for a really good price. If you stayed hungry, get some pasta at Pasta. just a few steps further.”
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Francia étterem
“Párizsi hangulat, comfort food Feke Zoltán új éttermében a Ferencváros szívében. Ahogy a séf mondja: A mi előnyünk az, hogy tudunk főzni! 6 perc sétára az ART Trendtől :)”
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“All day it's a good choice. It is situated right on the Danube bank with a great view. Plenty of outdoor seating, good craft beers. ”
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“If you are looking for a steak then this place is worth a look. If they cant do a good steak then no one can !”
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“This restaurant has live jazz music every night. It's walking distance and has a cool vibe. I suggest you to book a table because it's usually pretty crowded.”
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“i like this baar on Ráday street. The interior is very artistic and special.”
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Magyar étterem
“Traditional Hungarian food, good price, live Gypsi music on weekends. Good atmosphere in pedestrian Raday street.”
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“Its a hilarious and iconic bistro where you can find the greatest burgers, miso soup and hot chicken wings at the same menu! Insanly yummyyyy”
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“In Borbíróság you can have the most delicious breakfast in the neighbourhood.”
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