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History Museum
“The World of Discoveries is an Interactive Museum and Theme Park that reconstructs the fantastic odyssey of the Portuguese navigators, crossing the oceans to the discovery of a world until then unknown. ”
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Point of Interest
“There are always different activities going on here. In the winter you might find a beautiful Christmas market, in the summer a wine fest and a rock fest. If there's nothing of your interest, check it out the restaurant!”
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General Travel
“Discover the river that bathes the city of Porto. There are boat trips of all kinds from a few hours a day to several days with magnificent landscapes. Longer journeys take passengers to the farms that produce the famous port wine on the slopes of the Douro.”
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“The Alfandega Transport and Communications Museum of Porto is located within the massive Alfandega Nova building (Alfandega Nova meaning the New Customs House) which dates back to 1860, being geographically situated on the bank of the Duoro River. Despite its past functionality, the building strikes by its neoclassic robustness which would rather call fort the image of a medieval fortress.”
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Point of Interest
“One of my favourite places. This is just so cool. There is literally everything in this store and even if you don't buy anything, you have to check it out. Its right by the Natural History Museum, so if you're checking out a bit of Natural History, then you should definitely pop in here.”
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“Our name represents what we offer. Leisure experiences with Soul (Alma), which combine fun, education and emotion and allow us to know the true essence of the city of Porto! We offer guided tours, bicycle tours, water sports and extreme sports, bicycle rental , as well as all kind of leisure activities. We organize business events and study visits, we sell typical products. Come and inspire your AlmaAtPorto”
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“Beautiful public garden/park, nice sculptures and great view! Perfect for a picnic or reading a book.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“What from outside looks like an ordinary 14th century Gothic and Baroque construction, has the most extraordinary church interior in Oporto and one of the most fabulously opulent in all of Europe.”
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Entertainment Service
“World of Discoveries is must-visit point in the city. An Interactive Museum and Theme Park reconstructing the fantastic odyssey of Portuguese navigators, crossing oceans to discover the unknown world.”
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Transit Station
General Contractor