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A legjobb programok Greensboro területén

Fedezd fel a várost a helyiek szemével. Találd meg a legjobb programokat és étkezési lehetőségeket, és használd fel az itt élők által nyújtott felbecsülhetetlen értékű tanácsokat.

“An aquarium, museum and zoo -- all in one location, for one price! Located in beautiful Greensboro, North Carolina, it's the perfect way to spend a day with your family and friends. The museum features exhibits about dinosaurs, health and the human body, and weather. ”
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“Outdoors with dozens of big box AND small business shopping options. Easily walkable and interesting.”
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Történelmi helyszín
“Great place to go for a walk. There is also a lot of military history to see too. ”
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History Museum
“Where the Sit-In Movement all began, February 1, 1960, by the "Greensboro Four"....See actual lunch counter chairs from the Woolworth's Store on Elm Street, at the actual spot where the store was located all those years ago!”
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Basketball Stadium
“Major Sports Events, Concerts, Children and Family shows and entertainment, Holiday Shows, etc.”
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“Microbrewery downtown, with lots of bars, restaurants within walking distance. ”
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“Best Burger around. I recommend the Cuban Cow or North Carolinian. The Cuban Cow with Cordon blue fries are my favorite. Burgers come with fries of choice and are around $10. ”
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Taco büfé
“Everything in there is related to art, from the wall artwork to the straws. Beautiful atmosphere and generous people. ”
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“Great free programing, music, family, downtown nightlife, food trucks, FUN! ”
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“Close by and one of Greensboro's best places to eat. Serves "new" Southern cuisine.”
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“Designed to inspire hands-on learning through play, GCM offers a fun, energetic and safe environment for all ages. Located in downtown Greensboro, children (and parents too!) can interact with more than 20 exhibits including the 30-foot-tall Neptune XXL Climbers.”
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“Check out Triad Stage for stage plays, local TEDx talks, poetry slams and more! See their website for details:”
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“Great local place to grab a unique pizza. Always a great list of local brews on tap.”
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“Go downtown and start here.. free entry and check out the history of Greensboro and explore other nearby places of interest”
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“Looking for a brunch spot? Look no further than Quaintance-Weaver properties, and specifically, Green Valley Grill. They have the best omelets, avocado toast (seasonal), mimosa, and breakfast delectables for kiddos. Call ahead for a reservation or roll the dice and walk in. If it's booked, consider Lucky 32 or PrintWorks Bistro. Bon appetit!”
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“Wonderful deserts. I miss them! They also serve ice cream, cake, cookies and delicious coffee. So good.”
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