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“Approximate 10 minute walk from the Kona Belle. This is one of the top spots in Kona for snorkeling”
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Point of Interest
“This small but gorgeous beach (also called White Sands and, officially, Laʻaloa Beach) has turquoise water, great sunsets, little shade and possibly the best bodysurfing and bodyboarding on the Big Island. Waves are consistent and just powerful enough to shoot you across the water into a sandy bay (beware: the north side of the bay has more rocks). During high winter surf the beach can vanish literally overnight, earning the nickname ‘Magic Sands.’ The park is about 4 miles south of central Kailua-Kona.”
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Hawaii étterem
“Great sweeping views of the coast! In the evening, there are​ fire pit tables. ”
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“Very close - has a grocery store, pharmacy, local book store, restaurants, shave ice, some clothing stores, and movie theaters”
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Travel Agency
“A must do on The Big Island is a Manta Ray Night Snorkel, the day cruise snorkel trips are also wonderful.”
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Japán étterem
“A premier destination for Japanese/Pacific Rim "fusion cuisine". Excellent seafood. Recommend for dinner.”
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“Awesome snorkeling area protected by a natural rock barrier break point. Go early.”
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“Great gourmet food with a local flare. Situated on the cliff overlooking Magic Sands Beach. Reservations required to get an outside table with a view. Check the sunset calendar and make your reservation for 15 to 30 minutes before sunset to enjoy amazing food with an equally amazing view. ”
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Point of Interest
“This is the closest swimming beach and only a 5 minute drive! There are always people in the water here and the boogie boards are fun to play in the waves.”
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“A fun place to visitor fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. There is often live music and food vendors. Open Saturday mornings from 8am to noon”
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“Manta Rays! At night the resort shines lights into the water, this attracts plankton which attracts Mantas! (most nights) View them from the deck. FYI Less chance of seeing them at the full moon. You can also have a high priced burger & drinks! ( reservation best for dining at Ray's)”
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“THE experience for water/nature lovers. Go with any of the groups leaving from Keauhou Bay (don't book something going up north.. when you can take advantage of walking home from your AIRBNB!)”
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Movie Theater
“At Keauhou Shopping Center. It's a clean, comfortable theater with a variety of movies! Bring a sweater, its usually cold inside.”
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“If you’re not able to snorkel with the Manta Rays you can see them from this restaurant - bar”
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“One of the longest running restaurants in Kona. Delicious pizza s and their famous pink sauce.”
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Natural Feature
“Great place to boogie board, play volleyball in the sand, catch some rays! And yes, the sand does disappear here, typically in winter, exposing smooth lava rocks. Lifeguard here 7 days a week, 9-5. ”
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