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Találatok megjelenítése erre vonatkozóan: „Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam”

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“nice food, drinks and hot Chocolate sause over youre "Dame Blanc" ice creme”
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“The 800 meter long Erasmus Bridge is the connection between the northern and southern part of Rotterdam. The suspension bridge over the Maas has a 139-meter-high steel pylon, which is mounted with 40 taps. The shape of the pylon gave the bridge the nickname De Zwaan. The Erasmus Bridge is the icon of the city of Rotterdam.”
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Hajó vagy komp
“You get to see some amazing parts of the Port of Rotterdam, and there are a choice of tours for all budgets and tastes.”
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Movie Theater
“Cinema with nice terrace on the water. Also nice to have a drink and a bite.”
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Művészeti múzeum
“The Netherlands Photo Museum (Dutch: Nederlands Fotomuseum) (NFM) is a museum in the Netherlands primarily focused on photography. The museum collection consists of many historical, social and cultural images from the 20th and 21st century, from the Netherlands and elsewhere. It has control over more than 150 archives (three million plus images) taken by Dutch photographers. The archives are stored in climate controlled film storage facilities.”
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“It has a great view of the river from its seventh floor rooftop bar viewpoint.”
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“Don’t miss out on this typical Rotterdam way of transport! There are plenty locations to get on/off board! Roughly 5€ pp for most rides.”
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“Across this beautfiull big bridge you enter the 'Kop van Zuid'. A must go for big architecture and great pictures of Rotterdam. ”
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History Museum
“A great collection of ethnographic art and objects. A true gem in a beautiful location in Rotterdam. ”
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“A great place to watch Musicals if you are a fan of this art! It may be a fasinating experience to watch the local Dutch versions of those famous shows you already know!”
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“Go over the famous Erasmusbridge and find yourself at an old industrial area that has now loads of restaurants, places to go out, et cetera, along with an accumulation of buildings by famous architects (Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster, MVRDV). Personal favourites: cinema/restaurant Lantarenvenster, Fenix Food Factory. Hotel New York has good oysters. Fun fact: the bridge to Fenix Food Factory is nicknamed “Hoerenloper” (whore’s walker) because the area used to be the red light district.”
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“Best place in the neighbourhood to enjoy breakfast or lunch in the sunshine. It is the most well-known entrepreneurial grand-café in Rotterdam. The atomsphere is great! Also nice to enjoy a beer or their wines. Also nice dinner options for a reasonable price.”
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“Food and drinks in an old Rotterdam warehouse. 15 different stands serving a whole range of different flavors. Cocktails. Coffee. Live music and events.”
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General Contractor
“Biggest building in the country, go up with the elevators to the skybar to have a cocktail and look over the city on the roof terrace. ”
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Street Address
“Very nice: Experience the imposing architecture and harbour of Rotterdam on board one of Spido’s ships. Spido offers various sailing tours, allowing you to see Rotterdam in a totally different light. ”
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“Nice Bento box and sashimi. Fried udon noodles are also very good. Excellent view of the Maas river.”
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