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History Museum
“The Lachine Canal is a designated national historical site in the southwest of Montreal. It consists of a 14.5-kilometre urban route that runs between the Old Port and Lac Saint-Louis, which is a waterway characterised by five locks. Along the banks of Lachine, there is a linear urban park that hosts a variety of activities throughout the year. You can stroll, cycle, have a picnic, or even rent a kayak or pedal boat along the way.”
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“Amazing touch with nature, great for walking and biking, summer time BBQ picnic allowed”
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“Rent a public bicycle to visit Montreal. The bicycle station is on De La Commune corner St-Sulpice. Download the APP BIXI for all information. ”
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“The Lachine Canal is a canal passing through the southwestern part of the Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, running 14.5 kilometres from the Old Port of Montreal to Lake Saint-Louis, through the boroughs of Lachine, Lasalle and Sud-Ouest. ”
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“Le parc idéal pour un pic-nik ou pour aller au bord de l'eau. Il y a des espaces aménagés tout près de la rive, à l'abris des regards. Génial comme destination pour une petite promenade en amoureux!”
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History Museum
“Come see authentic New-France house filled with artifacts from the different times of Lachine.”
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“An excellent riverfront Mexican restaurant with a fun vibe and great margaritas! ”
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“Relaxed venue offering a selection of market-fresh pastas & a terrace overlooking the Lachine Canal.”
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“I love their freshly made breakfast burritos, molletes, and jamaica juice! They also make good coffees and other special drinks. The service is friendly; it is an important neighbourhood hub for all ages!”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“The closest grocery store, this is your standard IGA. For those of your from out of town, they also sell beer and wine here.”
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“Concordia University : Historic Loyola Campus Historic buildings, rolling greenspace aroudn campus. Sports field (Foodball in late summer, early autumn) ”
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“English speaking neighborhood, small shops, restaurants and patios and a super anglo feel in the heart of Montreal”
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“Cute little library with French and English collections of adults and children's books. Story telling sessions and other kids' activities. Anyone can step in and enjoy it for free, not only residents!”
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“the oldest and smallest Montreal's markets - cheese shop, pastry shop, local farmer's produce in the summer.”
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