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Natural Feature
“Aksa Beach is a popular beach and a vacation spot in Aksa village at Malad, Mumbai, India. It is situated close to Malvani. It is a popular weekend destination. It is dotted with many private cottages and hotels, some of which are rented out to tourists and visitors.”
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“You'll find almost everything here, from Fruits to Dairy, to Junk food to Clothes... Great place to shop for Groceries. ”
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“Probably Cleanest beach in the suburbs, can go for a morning jog or evening strolls.”
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“The fort was constructed by Portuguese, who used it as a watchtower. From the Madh Fort, travellers can view the Gorai, Worli and Mumbai Beach Skyline”
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“Pharmacy/Chemist walking distance from the flat, they've got nearly everything!”
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“Madh Fort (also called Versova Fort) is a small fort in northern Mumbai, India situated at Madh Island. It was built by the Portuguese and lost it in February 1739 during the war against Maratha.”
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Point of Interest
“Not a lot of places in Mumbai can boast of alfresco dining. This new eatery is one of the few places that has a wonderful outdoor seating arrangement and even a swimming pool that makes it seem more relaxed and casual. There is a cheerful bar with witty humorous posters stuck on the wall behind it, at night it is decorated with fairy lights around the trees, and lamps which make it seem cozy and inviting. The menu is a mix of dishes and cuisines with enough to choose from, however, everything is strictly vegetarian.”
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