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“Athens Concert Hall with various performances all year round, be it classical music concerts, operas, ballet or dance performances.”
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“A park with a statue of Eleftherios Venizelos (sculpted by the sculptor G. Pappas). In the rear section are three stone built buildings, accommodating the Athens Municipality Arts Centre and the Eleftherios Venizelos Museum. Facing the park is a row of three unadorned neoclassical buildings of the hospitals Aeginitio, Aretaeio, and Alexandra. ”
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“It is the Athens Concert Hall. It has optimal facilities for opera performances and some operas re presented every season. It is also used for concerts and recitals, dance, ballet and musical performances.”
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Convention Center
“The Concert Hall of Athens with live music of international culture. Also try the hidden park backwards for relaxation”
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“Cocktail Bar with very beautiful garden and tasty food. Perfect option for summer.”
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“In this Park there is a nice Coffee - Restaurant - bar!! Don't miss it early for coffee-snak -launch or dinner and later for drinks!!”
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Street Address
“The US Embassy in Athens was designed by famed Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius; constructed between 1959 and 1961 it is a protected architectural landmark.”
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“One the most charming roads of the city, with some of the most attractive buildings, museums and parks.”
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