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Outdoor Sculpture
“A very popular place to visit. The Kelpies are a relatively new attraction that local people have quickly come to love! You can take a trip to see inside these stunning sculptures which are part of the Helix park in Falkirk with lots of different local activities. I drive past them every day on the way to work and they never look the same as the weather and light conditions affect them and they can look quite 'other worldly' at times!”
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“An interesting visit to the only boat lift of its kind. With a restaurant, visitor centre and play park with water activities it’s fun. Ten min drive ”
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“The Helix is Scotland's newest Visitor Attraction. Cycle trails, walks, play areas, canals, habitats and artworks await! This is where the Kelpies home is. Whilst here explore the excellent path network connecting 16 communities in the Falkirk Area.”
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Rv Park
“Its has a lovely walk by the lake lots to do for children and adults rides,bowling eating places inside adventures lots more you can spend the whole day here one of the biggest theme park very central to us. Lots of tourist especially come to visit. ”
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Bus Station
“Explore this impressive work of engineering! Can cycle from Glasgow along the canal, or take the train. If you go to the visitor centre you can get in a boat and go on the Falkirk Wheel, great views”
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Amusement Park
“The park is a great day out for kids. It contains 4 roller coasters, 2 water rides, an arcade, ten pin bowling and much more. ”
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“This beautifully restored country house boats 10 miles of mature trails surrounding the premises with stunning scenery. A perfect location for a family day out in lots of fresh air.”
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Movie Theater
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“great park to go cycling and has a man made beach. You can even do some waterspouts here! Beside M and D's and has a few parks for kids to run around”
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Grocery or Supermarket
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“Lunch and dinner available. There’s never a dull moment at BTW. We stage live music every Friday and Saturday. We have a fantastic range of entertainment all year round, with regular Stand-up Comedy nights, Book Launches and Local Theatre productions.”
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History Museum
“Gives a good historical account of the Falkirk areas past and Scottish history.”
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“Brilliant play park number of walks next to the river thru the woods picnic area and mini zoo not expensive £1.50 pp ”
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“This is a widely known restaurant with stunning views. Pop into here after a visit to the Falkirk Wheel or simply have an evening out. Also good as a stopping point if you are undertaking the John Muir Walk. ”
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