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“Housed in a former tram depot, this spa has several saunas and an elegant tea room on the ground floor. While in the underground lair there is a warren of stone rooms featuring warm baths, cold baths, geyser pools, a Jacuzzi waterfall and more. Outside, in addition to a tram sauna, there are three warm pools spread out through the garden. ”
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“ Pogue Mahones, via Salmini 1 – It is a traditional Irish pub where having beers and take a look to the football matches on the screen. ”
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“Whirlpools, saunas, relaxation rooms and Turkish baths, a corner of peace all to be found in Porta Romana, your moment of wellness. ”
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“Fa la vera pizza napoletana, un po' gonfia sui bordi e sottile e ricca al centro. C'è anche il take away. Molto apprezzata dai miei ospiti.”
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“Uno dei migliori cocktail bar a Milano. One of the best cocktail bar in Milan.”
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Subway Station
“the yellow line will take you in the city centre as well as to the central train station”
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“One of the few restaurants serving only mussels in every way you can imagine!”
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Művészeti galéria
“Here is the metro station next to home. All the others metro stations are marked in maps with an a M in a red square.”
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“It's a spa in Porta Romana, a special place to spend a relaxing day in a bathrobe and enjoy the hot tubs.”
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“Built in 1596 on occasion of Queen Margaret of Spain visiting Milan, the Romana Gate is one of the 6 ancient gates of Milan, inspired by the Roman triumphal Arches. ”
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Point of Interest
“anno 1596 - Porta Romana è una delle sei porte storiche alla città di Milano ”
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“This pharmacy will help you in case you need medicines over the counter. Just go and ask the pharmacist!”
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