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“The Cathedral Notre-Dame is a must see monument on the UNESCO's World Heritage list. It is the famous place of coronation for Kings in France. ”
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“Le parc de Champagne, situé sur la colline Saint-Nicaise fait partie de l'ensemble Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne inscrit sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en 2015. Ligne 11 : départ Opéra – Cathédrale / arrêt Parc”
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“The Palais du Tau was the Royal residence during the coronation of the Kings of France and would hold a Royal banquet to celebrate each new King. It is now a museum that holds the Cathedral's tapestries, treasures and Coronation history. The garden is the perfect place for a picnic.”
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“The place to be, for the moment, go to the terrace , ambiance guinguette, you will find all kind of people , all age, very fun and very hype , you can play pétanque , You need to see this place, and it is next the Reims Halle , some Time , you have a food truck and a DJ the week end , charming place top ambiance surtout l'été, dehors ambiance décontracté et originale, à faire en été, chic , bobo, authentique, vintage, super terrasse, de super bugers, convial”
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“The Basilica of Saint-Remi (UNESCO) was founded in the 6th century. Since 1099 it has conserved the relics of Saint Remi (died 553), the Bishop of Reims who converted Clovis, King of the Franks, to Christianity in AD 496, after he defeated the Alamanni in the Battle of Tolbiac. The present basilica was the romano-gothic abbey church; it was consecrated by Pope Leo IX in 1049. The 11th-century nave and transepts, in the Romanesque style, are the oldest.”
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“La place d'Erlon est un concentré de petits bars et de restaurants abordables.”
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“Champagne Taittinger offers some incredible caves to go exploring as well as offering a tour of how they make Champagne. Pommery and Veuve Cliquot are also very close by.”
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“Visit the famous of this winemaker, you could enjoy a lunch or diner at "Maison Demoiselle"”
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“Avec sa collection de Corot, le musée des beaux arts de la ville de Reims mérite votre visite.”
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“The largest of Reims urban parks was designed by landscape gardener Jacques Sgard in 1978. It is built around a body of water that ends in the eastern part of a wetland, treated semi-naturally, completed in 1997.”
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“Built in 3th century and classified as national historic munument in France, the place of forum is the cryptoporetic of Reims, a U-shaped underground gallein ( a horreum). ”
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“A big market with a lot of local food. Here you can find fresh saucisson, cheese, see food, meat, and more. They sometimes have events linked to arts. Make sure to check their opening time and events.”
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“La rue commerciale de Reims par excellence qui plaira autant aux dames (Galeries Lafayette, Zara ...) qu'aux hommes !”
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“excellent restaurant 2 etoiles Michelin possède aussi une brasserie "le jardin "”
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“Villa art nouveau appartenant au Champagne Pommery et superbement restaurée.”
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“Bar à vins du quartier avec une belle carte de vins et de tapas, une ambiance très sympathique.”
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