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“Deep dish pizza that’ll make any pizza lover smile. Their spinach and sausage is a fave.”
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“This place never disappoints. The food is outstanding, the wine list is top notch, and the cocktails are great too. It's a bit of a splurge, but wonderful for a date night or a special night out with friends. NOTE: Next door Southie (owned by the same people) is also a more casual, low-key option--but equally as delicious! In 15 years, we've never been disappointed by either of these places. ”
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“Excellent ramen and other Japanese inspired dishes, as well as top-notch cocktails. Family friendly setting with a hipster vibe.”
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“A large 223-acre historic cemetery. It has beautiful views of the bay area and unique graves. A beautiful stroll honoring life and our ancestors - a must see!”
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“This place has great food to go if you want to grab a quick lunch at Market Hall deli, then window shop on College Avenue. It’s also a great place to shop for gourmet ingredients. There’s a very good bakery and Highwire Coffee housed in the same space. ”
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“My favorite for all kinds of pastries and breads. Get yourself something and walk over to Coles Coffee for a cup o joe with the locals. ”
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“Great food with a relaxed menu option on the ground floor and full menu on the 2nd floor. Also attached to amazing market area for high-end meats, cheeses, produce and wine.”
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“Great place to browse shops, stop in for a beer and get gourmet food, coffee and wine. There is a long line of businesses to browse on both sides of the Rockridge BART station - and Zacharies Chicago Pizza is pretty amazing.”
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“Great coffee, tables, and wifi, in a beautiful part of Rockridge near a Safeway, fish shop, bakery, and more.”
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“Millennium is the vegan Mecca. It continues it's tradition of unique delicious, plant-based cuisine that is known throughout the country.This rustic-chic space is laid-back and unfussy, with lots of dark wood, a patio for alfresco dining and a crowd of young families and professionals attended by welcoming servers. While dedicated vegans are sure to swoon, even hardcore carnivores might reconsider the lifestyle after a dose of Chef/owner Eric Tucker's culinary creativity, showcased best on a five-course "Taste of Millennium" menu. Roasted pumpkin tamales with pumpkin seed pastor and cashew nut crema are knockouts, as are the crunchy king trumpet fritters with chili-persimmon jam. Even the bar is unique and wonderful! If you're vegan, you will be in paradise. If you're not, you won't care . . . 'cause it's all delicious. You must come see the vegan restaurant with Michelin stars!”
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“Big fat hangover breakfast sandwich/burritos. Not a divey place, they just like to pile on the salt and fat. In a good way. ”
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Bus Station
“To go SF, go to Rockridge BART station via Uber or Lyft etc, and catch any train into SF. Same thing coming back. Go to any BART station in SF and take the Pittsburg/Bay Point Train and get off at Rockridge Station. Take Uber or Taxi or? home. ”
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“Best ice cream shop in the bay area. Founded by a duo team of NASA engineer and Dessert Chef. They make fresh in house waffle cones and one scoop made fresh at the time of order. ”
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“Philz led off the pour-over revolution. All kinds of varietals. If you don't mind standing around watching it drip drip drip drip.... no espresso machine. Does annoyance at that mean I am old? (If your answer is 'yes,' please don't tell me. Actually, I'm okay with age. :)”
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Taco büfé
“Great fast-casual Mexican restaurant. The crispy chicken tacos are really special.”
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Mediterrán étterem
“I love the steamed muscles at Acote. They have a good selection of small plates which is great for sharing. They also have a good wine selection. Seating at the bar is nice and there is a back area that is more private and pretty with stringed lights.”
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