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“It was the location of the Great Industrial Exposition of Berlin in 1896. It is a popular place for recreation of Berliners and a tourist attraction. On 14 July 1987 it was used by British band Barclay James Harvest for the first-ever open-air concert by a western rock band in the German Democratic Republic. it is 11 minutes by car and 30 minutes by transportation”
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Éjszakai szórakozóhely
“the most famous club in Berlin, if you like Techno music and open-air events, that is the best place for you. it is 8 minutes by car or taxi, and 25 minutes by transportation. ”
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Memorial Site
“Monument for fallen Russian Soldiers during WWII surrounded by the great Treptower Park alongside the Spree. Great for a Walk. ”
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“The Ringcenter is a shopping mall with every kind of shop: supermarkets, pharmacy, drugstore, cleaning, health food store, bookstore or retailer for consumer electronics.”
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History Museum
“A very interesting museum dedicated to the Cold War era and East Germany's oppressing regime.”
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“nice café, touristic place, good for good morning coffee and a little breakfast, just 10 minutes after two stations to Frankfurter Allee with the Tram”
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“Really nice walking/biking path. There are really interesting boats on the water and in the summertime, they open up these shack like bars along the Spree where you can get some radlers and beers and pizza. There's one called 6 and it has a ping pong table.”
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“... german food, with a good burger. prices are a little higher, but quality is good. you can rent boats nearby. ”
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“Cool beergarten/outdoor pub by day, nightclub by night. Next to the water of Rummelsburger Lake which is nice”
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Történelmi helyszín
“Spreepark used to be the most prestigeous amusement park of the GDR. Now it is abandoned and there are guides showing you the left overs. Watch this documentary: Achterbahn”
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“Great spot for canoeing in summer. Makes you forget you're in the city! Canoes, pedal boats, etc. can be rented for little money and without a previous reservation.”
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Vegetáriánus/vegán étterem
“Vegetarians have to try Vöner - the vegetarian version of the famous Döner Kebab. Not a place to sit for long.”
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Modern európai étterem
“A very good restaurant at your doorstep. Its very nice to sit outside. It offers a mixture of traditional, down-to-earth cuisine and Mediterranean variety. It's a bit more expensive but still okay. Main course with meat between 20-25€. ”
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Éjszakai szórakozóhely
“Fitted with a Funktion-One sound system and clean, minimalist LED lightening, it has a uniquely tidy yet industrial atmosphere. The music policy leans towards techno, with fair attention paid to harder styles of electronic music. With two—and sometimes three—rooms, a beautiful chill-out garden and thrashing sound, it’s invested heavily into its attempt to penetrate the local clubbing consciousness. Opening Hours: Monday - Wednesday > closed Thursday > 10:00pm - 04:00 AM Friday > Midnight - 9:00 AM Saturday > Midnight - 12:00 am Sunday > Open 24 hours”
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Light Rail Station
“You find S-Bahn and U-Bahn here. U-Bahn goes straight to Alexanderplatz (center, just 10 minutes). S-bahn Frankfurter Allee is directly located on Berlin Ring you get around the city with S42, S41”
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Natural Feature
“Island where you can enjoy the Spree with a beer. Good for renting a Kanu or boat! ”
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