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“A sprawling center with many popular stores. A favorite shopping destination for tourists and locals alike.”
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Egyéb természetjárás
“This is where one of the most famous corporate headquarters: Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. is at. It is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, United States. The original complex, with 2,000,000 square feet (190,000 m2) of office space, is the company's second largest square footage assemblage of Google buildings, after Google's 111 Eighth Avenue building in New York City, which the company bought in 2010. "Googleplex" is a portmanteau of Google and complex (meaning a complex of buildings) and a reference to googolplex, the name given to the large number 10(10100), or 10googol.”
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“Rural nature preserve features 24 miles of hiking trails, plus an education center & working farm. ”
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State / Provincial Park
“Big Basin Redwoods is California’s oldest state park and is home to ancient coast redwoods that are more than 50 feet around and stand as tall as the Statue of Liberty. The magnificent redwood groves are an amazing sight, but if that’s not enough, the park also offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.”
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Point of Interest
“You can take a picture with the big thumb out in front of the campus. And post it on Facebook.”
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“It's used to be simply the "Stanford Museum". Next door there is the Anderson Gallery with modern art works. It's free! Parking is difficult but free after 4pm. The best time to go is on Thursday evenings, then they close at 8pm. You can have lunch at Cool Cafe.”
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“There is a bunch of stuff around Tanforan Mall as well. Best Buy, Movie Theater and Target.”
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“Filoli takes you back in France. Beautiful gardens set in European flavor. Great for meditating, walking a romantic stroll and bring a hat. Best in spring where the flowers are in bloom. The fee is about $20/person approx. Please check out the times online.”
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“A bustling shopping mall with a variety of stores from Apple to the LEGO store. A new expansion set to open in November 2019 will add a movie theater and many more stores. There is always free parking in the front and back of the mall!”
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“Hike to the Stanford radio telescope. Its a nice hike with great views, but no shade so don't go on a super hot day and bring a hat and sun lotion.”
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“Go to the famous Mountain View downtown and enjoy plenty of restaurant, bars and more. If you don't drive, you can walk to the Lightrail station (Whisman Station) and take a short ride (2 stops) to downtown Mountain View. ”
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Görög étterem
“Wonderful Greek food - $15 corkage fee a big plus if you'd like to bring your own bottle of wine. This is a popular place, reservations are highly recommended.”
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Tenger gyümölcseit kínáló étterem
“This place is always packed. It has stunning views, so we recommend to go for a cocktail and watch the sunset over the ocean. Check their website for live music too.”
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“This is the place to be for a fun atmosphere, especially at night. You will find every kind of restaurant, many interesting shops and places to meet for a drink and enjoy the night life.”
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“Beautiful beach, favorite spot for surfers all year round. Nice hike trail, whale watching in the summer time.”
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Cajun/kreol étterem
“If you're feelin' for some southern comfort food, Nola is that place to be. ”
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