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“This mall has it all! Shoppin, Food, Entertainment, activities, pool, skating.. what more could you want?”
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“A quick get away for kids and kid at heart. The huge West Edmonton mall has all that you can think off. There's games, food court area, amusement , and big pool ”
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Amusement Park
“Indoor roller coaster with one of the fastest in Canada. Galaxyland is located in the West Edmonton Mall.”
  • 13 helybéli ajánlja
Water Park
“I spent many weekends here as a kid! I loved this place, so much fun! The wave pool is so much fun! You can bungee jump here, learn how to surf, enjoy the water slides, or go to a concert at night. It holds so much diversity! ”
  • 10 helybéli ajánlja
Movie Theater
“Modern multiplex cinema chain screening the latest Hollywood films, plus new independent releases.”
  • 4 helybéli ajánlja
“Cactus club has 2 locations - Jasper Ave and West Edmonton Mall. Favorite menu is Tuna Stack, Szechuan lettuce wraps, ravioli + prawn trio, steak and their cocktails.”
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Bus Station
“it can take you to downtown, the northside but you may have to walk a few blocks so always bring a map and always ask an ETS driver if you're unsure of where you're going. In Edmonton, we don't have anything fancy for taking the bus so bringing exact change of $3.25 per person will get you a ride on the bus,”
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Night Club
“Located in West Edmonton Mall. Often has big names in Comedy frequent this spot. Check site for show times and available tickets. Often sells out fast with bigger names. ”
  • 4 helybéli ajánlja
Bus Station
“Great for everyone with restaurants, bars, over 800 stores and services, one of the largest indoor water parks in the world, a gun range, cinematic and live theatres, an aquarium, a live concert stage, mini golf, an indoor amendment park with roller coasters and much more.”
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Olasz étterem
“Exceptional food at affordable prices in an extraordinary environment. That's what you'll find at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Bring the family by today for fresh made taste and value you just can't beat.”
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“West Edmonton Mall has a couple of food court, with many options for you there. All of the typical fast food options are available. ”
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“A great Italian experience! Delicious thin crust Pizza, deli meat sandwiches, and outstanding tomato soup. Access is from the outside, you cannot access it from the mall..”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Asian supermarket located in West Edmonton Mall. They also have yummy dimsum and specialty breads”
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“Has live music duelling pianos and great upscale food and great lively ambiance!”
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“This is the largest mall in North America! It has lots of strange things that they fit indoors. Like a pirate ship! and an ice rink! and an amusement park! ”
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“You can pay for seating right up close to the animals, with a pretty good chance of getting splashed. Or you can easily watch the show from the balcony's nearby.. ”
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