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Whole Foods started in Austin. We knew them before they took over the entire world. And we call this one on Lamar between 5th and 6th streets the "mothership". It is their flagship store, and i... további információ

The Mother Ship! Austin is where Whole Foods began and this store is one of it's flag ships. You can bike here by taking the bike paths. When you see the circle path up to the Lamar Street Pedes... további információ

You've probably heard of Whole Foods, now that it's become an international chain, but did you know it was founded right here in Austin? Its flagship store on the western end of downtown is a must-... további információ

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You've probably heard the saying that everything's bigger in Texas; in this case it's *literally* true. The Texas Capitol is modeled after the one in Washington, D.C., and yep, it's bigger -- or at... további információ

The State Capitol Building in Austin, the largest outside of Washington, DC, is worth a visit. This beautiful historic yet so stylish building is the Texas State Capitol. If you are a Austinite or ... további információ

Very awe inspiring building with a lot of history. Outstanding guided tours are conducted every half an hour. Lovely dome that is apparently 7 feet higher than the Capitol Building in D.C. Texas a... további információ

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Best grocery store around - they offer live music on the weekends, a full restaurant, coffee bar, outdoor seating, and huge playground for kids! Steps away is a walking trail and pond.

Awesome prepared foods and grocery selection, plus cafe, free live music Fri-Sun nights, outdoor patio, and playground. (You can also get groceries delivered to the house from here with Instacart. ... további információ

This place has it all. Sort of like a Texas-only version of Whole Foods. Great playground and a pond nearby for a quick stroll. Full service, low-key restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. ... további információ

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Texas chain Grocery...everything you need. Pay attention to the soundtracks they play. Last time was a continuous hour of Duran Duran and it was awesome. Best rotisserie chicken in town.

South Austin's main Heeeeeb, so it's usually packed very busy. But it's also packed with everything — including a small health food section. There’s a convenient pharmacy in-store.

Famously the "scary HEB" when SoCo was still a rough neighborhood. Busy place but conveniently nearby. Basic normal grocery. Go to Central Market or Whole Foods for more upscale stuff.

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Where Foodies celebrate every day. What makes Central Market one of the freshest markets in the country? Try a sumptuous selection of everything edible, for starters. We go straight to the source t... további információ

South Austin has a paucity of grocery stores, but aside from Whole Foods downtown, Central Market is your best bet. It's an offshoot of H-E-B, the dominant grocery store chain in most of Texas, but... további információ

Calling Central Market a grocery store is an understatement! Actually, it's like the Whole Foods of a HEB grocery (a local Austin company). A foodie heaven with amazing gourmet food items and a ca... további információ

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Package-free grocery store offering area-sourced produce, bulk items & a kids' play area. Everything is geared around zero waste and local food, with a number of vegan and veggie options.

Package-free small grocery store offering area-sourced produce, bulk items and treats, with a kids' play area. Cool outdoor space to hang out and eat what you just bought.

Small local bulk store with fresh local produce and many many other local items and things you may be looking for. They also have good coffee and decent beer selection and lots of snacks and treats... további információ

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This is the closest and newest grocery store in the area. They have everything you may need: pharmacy, toiletries, groceries, etc. Also an above average cafe inside with craft beer and live music.

I'm adding this HEB because of the restaurants you'll find around it. This is a great HEB with its own cafe and gas station. There is a liquor store, Starbucks, Nail place, Torchy's Taco, a sushi n... további információ

The newest and best grocery store in the neighborhood. Big beer/wine section and surprisingly good cafe with patio seating. The H-E-B on Manor Road is closer but much older with limited selection

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If I was looking for a good lunch place, I'd go to Wheatsville. Outdoor seating. Full sized, locally owned, coop grocery and deli. (More interesting -- and worthy-- than Whole Foods - my opinion!)

Local organic grocery with delicious prepared foods, deli, coffee bar, tacos (including awesome breakfast tacos until 10:30am), bakery, produce, and essentials. (You can also get groceries delivere... további információ

Don’t miss Texas’ only food co-op! Focus is on organic and healthy options, including lots of vegetarian and vegan choices. The kinder, gentler Whole Foods. Nicest staff to boot.

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Small grocery 5 blocks from the house. Regular items you need as well as many organics and wonderful local items like local cheeses and fun finds. Great deli too. Great wine and beer selection

Great overall selection plus lot's of locally made products here too, super deli sandwiches made to order, Sweetish Hill breads delivered fresh every day!

Fresh Plus is a grocery store local to Austin that has everyday basics as well as unique items you might only find at a boutique grocery store. They sell pre-made items like sandwiches and wraps an... további információ

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Large grocery store with everything you could need and more. (You can also get groceries delivered to the house from here with Instacart. Contact Elizabeth for a referral code and $5 off!) ProTip: ... további információ

Also a Fiesta Supermarket around the corner, both open 24 hours/day if you'd like something more southwestern go to Fiesta, but HEB is good. Fiesta carries things like Mexican boots and hats, and a... további információ

HEB is Austin's large value grocery store. This location is big, clean, and has more to offer that one can imagine. Get value here, and find fresh squeezed orange juice. For all your grocery needs,... további információ

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Wheatsville Food Co-op is a full service, natural foods cooperative grocery store, which has been serving the central Austin community since 1976. Wheatsville is the only retail food cooperative in... további információ

Local Food Co-Op. Think smaller, local version of Whole Foods. Great selection of groceries, personal care products (sunscreen!), and an incredible deli serving top notch sandwiches, wraps and salads.

6 minutes by car; 25 minutes to walk: Full service, natural foods cooperative grocery store since 1976. Voted ‘Best Neighborhood Grocery’ by the Austin Chronicle’s Readers Poll for eight years, mos... további információ

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HEB Plus is the everything store with all kinds of food including organics. Clothes, picnic supplies, cosmetics, drugstore...everything you need close by.

Major grocery store. This is close but far enough to Ride Share there. Reusable Plastic bags are provided for your groceries.

Tres Leches Cake and Polvorones (three color Mexican cookies) Seriously the best tres leches is at our grocery store bakery!

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One of the oldest grocery stores in Austin, first opened back in 1927. Emphasis on local businesses and products created within Austin and its neighboring communities, in addition to the big brands.

Cute local grocery store- a bit pricer, but carries way more organic and local products than HEB. HEB is a Texas grocery store, for you non-Texans.

Fresh Plus is our neighborhood grocery store. They have about everything. It's where you go for about 10 items. For larger trips you would go to Central Market, HEB, Wheatsville.... Fresh Plus is s... további információ

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The best cheese shop in the city with lots of accoutrements like crackers, bread, jams, chocolate, beer, wine, etc. The staff is great and will let you taste any cheese in the case.

A locally owned artisan shop that focuses on cheese. The shop is small but the selection is global. Nice place to pull together appetizers. They also carry wine and bread for cheese pairing!

Heaven really. Easy Tiger baguettes and cheese make for a great lunch to bring to the grounds of the Elizabet Ney museum.

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This is your cost-efficient, well stocked, local grocery store. Not the most impressive grocery store, but it definitely gets the job done.

Convenient and classic. Find everything you need and go back to chill at home. My 7 year old loves getting the buddy bucks to exchange for stickers and prizes ;)

Closest large grocery store. We Texans love our HEBs!

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Peg McCoy and her merry band of clerks run the finest and friendliest and most delicious market in town. Here you’ll find carefully selected groceries, wine, beer, toiletries, and great picnic fixins.

Local Favorite: Offers groceries, specialty items, amazing local products, fresh vegetables and fruits, quality prepared foods, good wine, cheeses, coffee, cold beer, fresh juice, handmade cards,

This is a tiny store, but they pack it with all the essentials - bread, eggs, beer, wine, produce, laundry detergent, you name it. It is locally owned, and they feature many goods by local producer... további információ

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A nice handy Whole Foods Store, not as extravagant as the flagship store downtown, but still nice.

Need we say more? The healthiest grocery in the US and their newest location in town does not disappoint!

Whole Foods, Costco( I can take you if you are not a member), several great restuarants/bars

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Natural foods store reachable on foot walking through the neighborhood but about 2 miles from house. There's a Starbucks next door.

Healthy small-scale grocery with fair prices

More of a small grocery story, this is our go-to place for produce, quality meats and most other grocery essentials. Reasonable prices. 1.5 mile south on Lamar.

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The closest Whole Foods to our house, this location features a Ramen bar,several cafes, and a wide variety and selection of food. Always a good place to go for a variety of fresh and healthy food.

Whole Foods, in General, has everythang! Prepared foods including oyster bar, noodle bar, taco bar and a Bar! You can buy beer and wine and they'll open it for you, provide glasses and you can ... további információ

My favorite grocery store in town and probably the best Whole Foods I have been to so far! It's beautiful! The produce always seems to be great and I have found a lot of local produce, which I love... további információ

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Geat donation based studio. I've taken their hatha inspired yoga. Great studio for Flow and heated yoga.

A donation-based yoga studio. Multiple locations around Austin with varying class hours.

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This grocery is so close we literally push the cart to our house and then return it.

Easy walk to this grocery store. 1 mile away.

Grocery store is 3 blocks away. Beer/wine in store.

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Super close and easy access, this is my favorite supermarket in Austin. AMAZINGLY affordable, tasty, healthy treats. And, of course, we can't forget the two-buck Chuck ;)

Need to get some supplies or snacks. Quick drive away. Could walk if you're feeling ambitious.

If you love Trader Joe's this it the closest location to Maison Pemberton.

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Forget to pack something (and we don't have it)? Pick up those essentials, plus beverages and snacks.

Open 24 hours: Grab that late night take-and-bake pizza, a case of beer, or that thing you forgot to pack.

Big drug store. Not much else to add other than its an easy walk.

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A brand new Trader Joe's is just two miles from our house! Stock up on all your TJ's faves.

This grocery is located in the historic Seaholm complex that was Austin's old electric utility. There are restaurnts in the complex, it is breezy and cool in the courtyard next to the giant white s... további információ

Ever convenient and easy on the dollar, Trader Joe's is a great staple for your grocery needs. This location is a 10 minute walk or quick rideshare from our unit.

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Make sure to bring your own bags. Austin has a no-bag policy, but will gladly sell them to you! There are bags located inside the pantry in the kitchen for your use.

Texas' largest grocery store food chain. A place to get everything you need.

This is our local grocery store if you need anything from eye drops to bananas, and dont want to pay convience store prices.

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Brand new grocery store very close to the house. This store has a place to eat with live music. Lots of options at this grocery store. This HEB is the 2nd closest HEB to the house, but much better ... további információ

New H.E.B grocery store/pharmacy with a indoor/outdoor cafe that featured live music and great barbeque

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Awesome market, great beer and wine selection, coffee bar, breakfast tacos and all sorts of fantastic speciality items.

River City, like Farm to Market is another small grocery. This shop has less produce but a bigger kitchen (yummy BLT's made to order) a prepared gourmet food deli and fresh roasted coffee bar.

This place can be over-priced and the counter-service inconsistent, but it has the best selection of beer and wine that you will find within a block. They have a lot of those last minute ingredient... további információ

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Local Austin made boutique grocery within easy walking distance. Great local treats, tacos, sandwiches, staples and so much more. Small outdoor cafe space right on Congress Ave.

A great grocery store within walking distance. Entrance from 3rd St, next to Uncle Julio's. Try their breakfast tacos or sandwiches! Great wine selection as well.

You'll find several of these very cool stores downtown. Where can you go to grab some Cheetos and a $50 bottle of wine? Here, that's where. Great mix of tasty and handy stuff, really caters well... további információ

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Closest Grocery Store with large Food, Beer and Wine selection

Everything you could need for a weekend Clean, well kept, friendly, ample & delicious samples

This is the grocery store we use the most. Prices are good and selection is great. If you are looking to do a major grocery run to stock up, this is the place!

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Close with most quality staples and most basic sundries. Don't forget to take your own bags--Austin has banned single use plastic bags and usually doesn't provide bags at all.

The nearest grocery store is two blocks away; turn right out of my building door and follow the street to the dead end and left.

This is a full service grocery store, if you have a car and want to stock up for your stay, this is the least expensive, closest option.