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April 29, 2019
The Mimara Museum is an art museum in the city of Zagreb. First of all, it is located at Roosevelt Square, housing the collection by Wiltrud and Ante Topić Mimara. Also, its full official name is the Art Collection of Ante and Wiltrud Topić Mimara. The building itself is certainly magnificent. You…
April 18, 2019
The Mimara Museum -Roosveltov trg 5 -The museum called the „Art Collection of Ante and Wiltrud Topić Mimara“ or, for short, the Mimara Museum, was founded with a donation from Ante "Mimara" Topić and opened to the public in 1987. It is located in a neo-Renaissance palace from the end of the 19th…
February 6, 2019
See the largest private collection in the area.
November 30, 2018
The museum's foundation is once a private collection of art collectors Ante Topić Mimara (1898-1987), which he has given permanent ownership to the Croatian people. Here you can see collections of various art objects from the prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, from various drawings, graphics,…
November 22, 2018
A spacious art gallery and museum, donated to the city by a local philanthropist, full of paintings and artefacts, cheap entry fee and very quiet. Some of the paintings are outstanding and the range of artistic periods is significant. An actual pleasure to visit without crowds vying for the best…

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Opera House
“The Croatian National Theatre should be a definite stop. Surrounded by colorful tulips, this elegant, yellow building with extraordinary neo-baroque architecture and a fabulous dome is another city’s notable landmark. Many world-known names have performed on its stage so it’s an ideal chance to experience high-class ballet, drama or opera performances at affordable prices! If you managed to book last-minute tickets or you’ve already planned your visit to this spectacular building, be prepared to be amazed by its interior. Gilded columns, frescoed ceilings, marble details, and luxurious chandeliers exude elegance. Don’t forget to dress up!”
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Művészeti múzeum
“Museum of Arts and Crafts -The Square of the Republic of Croatia no. 10 -The Museum was founded in 1880, the intention being to protect works of art and craft against the new predominance of industrial products. With its 160,000 exhibits, the Museum is a national-level museum for artistic production and the history of material culture in Croatia. The Museum has an important library with more than 50,000 titles. ”
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“If you’re up for a little cultural uplift, head to the Museum of Broken Relationships. Just a short walk from St Mark’s Church, this cool museum is among the most interesting things to do in Zagreb. It is completely dedicated to failed relationships, so each exhibit you’ll find here has a special and unique story.”
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“The Museum of Illusion. We love it so much we've visited it few times. Suitable for both adults and children. Ticket costs about 35hrk.”
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“The most monumental sacral building in Neo-Gothic style southeast of the Alps. The cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia and it's organ is among the top ten finest organs in the world! By all means, wander inside, but don't forget to turn the mobile off.”
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5 Rooseveltov trg
Zagreb, City of Zagreb 10000
Telefonszám+385 1 4828 100
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