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Biscuit General Store

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Lee Ann & Jeff
Lee Ann & Jeff
December 19, 2018
A fun selection of clothing and gift items
July 16, 2018
Sweet little locally owned clothing shop.
September 17, 2017
Vintage goods and quirky objects; cool clothes; owned by a friend
November 6, 2016
An independent and locally owned boutique in downtown Halifax, they have a unique collection of men's and women's clothing and support many Canadian designers.
September 11, 2016
Biscuit General Store is an independent and locally owned boutique department store in downtown Halifax. Biscuit has a quirky and cutting- edge selection of men's and women's clothing, shoes, gifts, cosmetics and accessories.

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“Elsie's a one of many thrift and consignment stores on this strip of Queen Street, commonly known as 'thrift row', if you're looking for something unique or eclectic, this is the spot to look!”
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Ruházkodási üzlet
“Cute little boutique that carries many local designers. If you take my reusable Sweet Pea Bag in the box of other reusable bags, you'll receive 10% off your purchase. ”
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Meal Takeaway
“It's worth the trip. Although it's not close, you can either drive there or take the ferry to the Woodside terminal and then just walk a short distance up the hill. An unpretentious (read old) diner...not old style, truly old...same location for nearly 50 years. Fabulous fish and chips, not heavy, not overly battered, tasty cole slaw (not too vinegary or salty), wonderfully friendly staff. If you crave great Fish & Chips, this is the place to visit.”
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“Located in the hydrostone market, this coffee shop/bakery has the best bread, bagels, croissants, danishes and other fine pastries in the city. ”
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“The most amazing Korean food ever! Great for sharing and a budget! You get so much food, we always have leftovers for days.”
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Halifax, NS B3J 2B5
Telefonszám(902) 425-5436
Nyitvatartási állapotZárva · Nyitás: 10:30 AM