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Grilled Iberian dishes, tapas and market cuisine in a dining room decorated with marine prints.

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Silvia & Luís
Silvia & Luís
February 08, 2019
Mediterranean restaurant, Good quality., dayly menú. Local atmosphere.
August 22, 2016
Atendido por sus dueños, restaurant de comida catalana y vasca. Excelente
July 07, 2016
Un buen restaurante para probar la comida tradicional catalana a buen precio.
May 29, 2015
Al lado del piso, camareros agradables y cocina de calidad. Menú de mediodía a 10€, ideal para comer mediterráneo sin tener la poca calidad de los restaurantes de la Rambla.
September 03, 2013
Nice restaurant, Catalan cuisine

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“Like an oasis in the Gràcia district, especially on summer days, the little-known park opened in 1976 and is a little gem among the city’s open spaces. It’s surrounded by trees and big rocks, as if it were in a valley. But the most impressive thing you can find there is a pool you can swim in, right in the middle of the park. There’s an amazing sculpture by Chillida—a massive concrete claw suspended by steel cables over the flooded quarry that serves as a swimming pool—that’s really fun to photograph. The sculpture, called Elogio del agua, was made in 1987 with the help of engineer José Antonio Fernández Ordóñez.”
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“Great place, young rising chef. Some traditional catalan dishes with modern touches. Very fresh fish and other delicious tapas. ”
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“Best view of the city of Barcelona from the top of Montgat :) cool drinks and live music.”
  • 9 helybéli ajánlja
“Pintxos restaurant. Different from tapas gastronomy but similar. How to get there: - 15 min walf from home. ”
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“ecooltra app. Rent an electric motorcycle. Take it in a place, and leave it in another. Just like that. Whith your smartphone.Cheap and easy going.”
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2 Carrer de Funoses-Llussà
Barcelona, CT 08023
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