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March 22, 2016
located on Old Street the built 50-year-old Chinese famously cake, moderate sweetness, so there are many new customers to build a soft spot.
December 5, 2017
traditional Taiwanese dessert(only for take out) 芝麻蛋黃餅、麻糬紅豆蛋黃餅、沙其馬都非常好吃

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“Fifty years old, he is the oldest Tamsui fish shop. Delicious fresh fish shop has a long history, in addition to signs of fish soup, there are typified handmade buns.”
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Bus Station
“Tianyuan Palace, formerly known as "Yan water head", is famous for cherry blossoms, from March to April of each year is cherry blossom time, if people came to Kyoto, Japan, and style flavor.”
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“Founded in 1879 by Mackay priest, it was also his residence here. The museum in 1911 for the expansion of the scale, by the freshwater moved to Taipei, changed its name to Mackay Memorial Hospital.”
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“Ferritin Taiwan's famous snacks fresh from the egg spiced corned egg derivatized snacks.”
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“Fishermen order not to waste the excess catches the fresh fish rich beaten hard fish paste, deep-fried, so it becomes a fragrant crispy calcium-rich new product "Tamsui fish cakes."”
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42號 Gōngmíng St
Danshui District, 251
Telefonszám02 2621 1133
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