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Via dei Tribunali

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June 22, 2017
You can find everything here. History, architecture, street food, souvenirs and the list goes on.
May 2, 2018
popular street, lifestyle, characteristic.
October 30, 2017
Di Matteo, Sorbillo : the best places to eat Pizza!
December 11, 2015
Cuore di Napoli e sede di importanti pizzerie e rosticcerie. The real heart of the Old Town. The best pizzas are made there.
June 28, 2018
Via dei Tribunali is full of typical pizzerie and restaurants.

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“A nice Piazza to hang out for an aperitivo! You should try the Aperol Spritz by Bar del Lepoga (Da Peppe 6-9pm), it's really good and convenient. It's getting crowed, especialy in the weekend around 23/ 24 pm.”
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“Naples Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral, the main church of Naples, southern Italy, and the seat of the Archbishop of Naples. It is widely known as the Cattedrale di San Gennaro, in honour of Saint Januarius, the city's patron saint.”
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“Via Toledo is one of the most famous shopping streets in Naples. In addition to the famous and beautiful metro, it leads directly to Piazza Trieste and Trento and Piazza del Plebiscito. By the way you can find clothes shops of the most famous brands and artisans. A vast and delicious gastronomic proposal: pizza, fried food, desserts and fried pizza. I recommend the sfogliatella from Pintauro and the pizza from Gennaro Salvo.”
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“The most important chapel of the old town,where you can ammire the masterpiece "Cristo Velato" by Giuseppe Sanmartino”
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“ITINERARIO VIA TRIBUNALI - DECUMANO MAGGIORE [11] - PIAZZA DANTE E PORT'ALBA. Piazza Dante, the ancient Largo Mercatello, was redesigned by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli. Here it is possible to admire a large monument to Dante and the "Foro Carolino", a semicircular colonnade, built to pay tribute to King Charles III. The colonnade is now the entrance of the “Convitto nazionale Vittorio Emanuele”. The square is connected to the Decumano through Port'Alba, which was built in 1625 by Don Antonio Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba. Port'Alba is now known for its numerous libraries.”
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Napoli, Campania