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February 14, 2020
Since Moldova is a very little-known destination for tourists and for a start we recommend trying our traditional cuisine: zama with aromatic leushtyan, mamalyga with tokens, mujudey and pickles, stuffed cabbage, pies, dessert Guguta hat or prune with walnut under whipped cream.
December 25, 2018
One of the best place in town if you want to try the local cuisine. Delicious Moldavian food and atmosphere. Feel free to try as much food as you want. I guarantee, you will love it!
October 21, 2016
It serves the true Moldovan food !!!
April 2, 2014
Moldovan cuisine and national customs. The interior is a stylized Moldovan peasant’s house with a stove, in which bread with crisp crust is baked right in front of you. Good food and wine!
May 2, 2019
Traditional Moldavian cusine

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Mediterrán étterem
“It is known for its Holy Trinity Monastery and magnificent nature. Noise of waterfalls, silence of ages, beauty of the nature and feeling of calmness - that is what attracts here visitors.”
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Place of Worship
“Tipova is famous for charming nature and the largest cave monasteries in Moldova and In Eastern Europe. The fantastic Tipova Cave Monastery is built into cliffs that tower some 200m above the Dniestr River's right (west) bank, in the tiny village of Tipova some 95km northeast of Chişinău. The monastery consists of three religious chambers and monastic cells linked by precarious steps built into the rock face. The oldest of the three chambers, the Elevation of the Holy Cross cave church, is thought to date from the 11th century. Tourists can visit the splendid path though the “Tipova” nature reserve. In ancient times (IV-III c. BC) a Geto-Dacian fortress stood in the grounds. Its remains are still visible. A really powerful place. Many people come for peregrination, yoga and meditation. It is a must see place for ti-gun practitioners, as they feel the amazing energy of this mysterious place. ”
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“Located just 45 km away from Chisinau, Château Vartely has become a standout winery with a distinct architecture and charm of a picturesque retreat, offering a stunning view from the top of the hill. The court of the winery is arranged as an open air wine museum that combines exhibits from the local winemaking history with the architectural art. Château Vartely actively promotes the culture of high quality wines and educated wine consumption. This winery not only do produce wine, we also cultivate love for this noble beverage.”
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67 Bucuresti St
Telefonszám022 227 693
Nyitvatartási állapotZárva · Nyitás: Wednesday 10:00 AM