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Peppes Pizza - Tromsø

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Ann Kristin
Ann Kristin
November 30, 2019
Kids favorite place to eat pizza

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“Good food and long opening hours. Great cheap pizza buffet a few days a week”
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Natural Feature
“Blåvatnet is located about 4 km southeast of Sørlenangsbotn in Lyngen municipality. The water is known for its intense, strong blue color and is an easily accessible hiking destination for young and old. The trip is recommended as a summer / fall trip - and the blue of the water is at its most spectacular in the sunshine late afternoon.This is a trip that takes up to 2 hours each way at a leisurely pace. The hike consists of trails through mostly flat terrain, varying from plank trails to rocky riverbeds. ”
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“They serve the best steak in town. But you must book a table in advance. Maybe not on weekdays”
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“Tromsø Cathedral (Norwegian: Tromsø domkirke) is a cathedral of the Church of Norway located in the city of Tromsø. The cathedral is the church for the Tromsø Domkirkens parish and it is the headquarters for the Tromsø domprosti (arch-deanery) and the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland. This cathedral is notable since it is the only Norwegian cathedral made of wood. The yellow, wooden cathedral was built in a long church format and in the Gothic Revival style in 1861 by the architect Christian Heinrich Grosch.”
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“Rogers is open by day and night, serving 18-years drinks. Frost is the new consept in town, focusing on quality drinks and adulst (agelimit: 22).”
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2 Stortorget
Tromsø, Troms 9008
Telefonszám22 22 55 55
Nyitvatartási állapotNyitva · Bezár: 11:00 PM