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Rob Roy's Grave

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November 18, 2019
A Scottish outlaw at the time of the Jacobite rising who later became a folk hero, a kind of Scottish Robin Hood. The little church is perched up in the hills: people have said for centuries that it’s one of the places where ‘the veil between the worlds’ is at its thinnest.
Royal Oak Apartments
Royal Oak Apartments
June 27, 2019
If it's history you are after, where better than to go and pay your respects to Rob Roy. Lovely church in a beautiful serene area, look out for the close by waterfall.
October 23, 2017
You an join part of this walk directly from Callander. It follows the tracks and paths used by Rob Roy MacGregor in the 17th & 18th centuries as he worked fought and lived the life of Scotland's most notorious outlaw. The paths were also well used by other historical characters throughout the…
April 30, 2017
A journey up a little lane takes you to this peaceful churchyard, where the grave of Rob Roy and his wife and son can be found. It is a beautiful unspoilt place, worth the time if you enjoy a tranquil site.
February 27, 2017
A lovely peaceful place steeped in history and lovely nearby walks.

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“Great place to hire bikes. Excellent service and friendly environment. Speciality cycles for disables people too. ”
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“There is a little Cafe inside the Roman Camp called the Potting Shed, very nice inside. ”
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Natural Feature
“One of Scotland's most scenic locations, a romantic lake surrounded by mountains and forests. Fabulous for hiking, or take a boat ride on the famous steam ship Sir Walter Scott or even better: hire a bike and ride along it's shore. Discover the history of Rob Roy's clan MacGregor. ”
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“Lovely food, local produce, reasonably priced. Great for breakfast and lunch”
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