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Marijuana Dispensary

Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill

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Mark & Dan
Mark & Dan
May 24, 2018
Short walk. Recreational and medicinal. Friendly staff! Smokes, eats, even drinks! Make sure to have your ID. (Look for a discount coupon on the desk in the suite.) Monday10AM–7:55PM Tuesday10AM–7:55PM Wednesday10AM–7:55PM Thursday10AM–9:45PM Friday10AM–9:45PM Saturday10AM–9:45PM Sunday11AM–7:55PM
February 26, 2018
100% Legal, Top shelf cannabis dispensary. 21+ Must have valid ID. Open 10am- 9:45pm
March 7, 2017
Nearest pot shop. ;) Must be 21 years of age and have a valid ID.
October 25, 2015
The best strains in Colo, imho.
Claire And Bryant
Claire And Bryant
September 29, 2015
Our neighborhood cannabis dispensary :)

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“Kava and Kratom are legal narcotics from the South Pacific and this is a bar that serves them. A strange experience that everyone should probably try once.”
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“Short walk to a small liquor store but a little pricy. Argonaut is a bit farther with lower prices. ”
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“Another chain, but they do good, honest business here and treat you very well. Its also like on the cutest corner in the world. ”
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“Curry, jerk & other Caribbean-inspired dishes meet tropical drinks in a light- & plant-filled space.”
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“Good brunch spot. Pick up a business card in the front, some of them have "free drink" on the back or "free donuts". ”
  • 92 helybéli ajánlja
1301 North Marion Street
Denver, CO 80218
Telefonszám+1 720-961-0560
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Szolgáltató: Foursquare