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Zilker is the *it* park in Austin. It's big. It's full of cute lil dogs. And, more often than not, it seems there's some big festival of sorts going on out there. Whether it's the Kite Festival, A... további információ

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C'mon! You're in Austin. You've got to visit the Alamo Drafthouse while you're here and there's no better Alamo in town than the one on South Lamar (nor one closer to where we live). No talking, n... további információ

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I fell in love with the Whip In during election season. They routinely held screenings of the debates from the primaries onward & boy-oh-boy it was filled with excited, intelligent folks eager to t... további információ

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Live Music at one of our favorite outdoor venues. We've seen Marina & the Diamonds, Twenty One Pilots, Old Crow Medicine Show, Misterwives, Shamir, and more here (many before they got big. #hispter... további információ

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We're both part & parcel to bars with a relaxed vibe where you can chat with your friends about any & everything. Buzzmill is just that with a splice of home for us (home being Oregon). Plus! Infu... további információ

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When we say "Good for Everything Else," we really, really mean it. Uncommon Objects feels like the Room of Requirement or something out of the Pagemaster. You really just have to wander in one day... további információ

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This is the nearest, cheapest grocery market to our home. We do the majority of our shopping here and don't have many complaints! If you're looking to get the most out of having a kitchen at your ... további információ

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We're cinephiles, like I said, so of course you're going to receive more than one movie theater recommendation. AFS Cinema just opened (for those reading long after I updated this page, that's May... további információ

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This is a delightful little (and I mean little) park. It's more art-installation than park, but still enjoyable nonetheless! If you're in the mood for something simple that's absolutely certain to ... további információ