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Teljes házikó · 2 vendég · 1 ágy · 1 fürdőszoba

AESISA 35m² -es (380ft²) csúcsminőségű égei-tengeri üdülőhely Tínos szigetének központjában található, mindössze néhány perc autóútra a kikötőtől. A 2021-ben épült szálláshelyed a lehető legbékésebb és legkényelmesebb lesz. Hogy közel egy kis csendes faluban, és nem egy zsúfolt környéken, teszi, hogy ideális mind a pihenés vagy a munka menekülni. Elhelyezkedése segít csodálkozni a sziget körül, miközben mindig néhány percre van a háztól. A visszavonulás is könnyen megközelíthető autóval.

Cherry Tomato |Traditional village home near beach
Teljes házikó · 3 vendég · 2 ágy · 1 fürdőszoba

Cherry Tomato |Traditional village home near beachAn excellent, completely renovated, village house (84sqm) in the village of Komi, Tinos. Reconstructed with respect to the Tinian architecture and perfectly harmonized with the landscape of the settlement. Fully equipped and ideal for smaller or larger stays of families or groups of friends. It is located very close to the beach of Kolimbithra while access to the property is very easy due to its location near the road.

Tinos Pied à Terre
Kükládi stílusú ház · 3 vendég · 3 ágy · 1,5 fürdőszoba

Tinos Pied à TerreKükládi építészetű ház Komi falun belül.

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  • Konyha
  • Wifi
  • Medence
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Egyéb nagyszerű szálláshelyek Perastra területén

  1. Teljes bérlemény
  2. Tinos Regional Unit
Saffron Boutique -" Aurora "
  1. Kükládi stílusú ház
  2. Perastra
Hagyományos 18. századi stabil
  1. Teljes lakóépület
  2. Komi
Hagyományos falusi otthon a tenger közelében.
  1. Kükládi stílusú ház
  2. Komi
  1. Teljes villa
  2. Tinos
A Detailor 2 Tinos ( 2 hálószoba/ 2 fürdőszoba)
  1. Kükládi stílusú ház
  2. Komi
St' Amiralidika Houses
  1. Kükládi stílusú ház
  2. Tinos
Krokos Ház II - Katoi (Földszint)
  1. Kükládi stílusú ház
  2. Krokos
Christie háza
  1. Teljes lakóépület
  2. Komi
Hagyományos 1850-es évekbeli kőház
  1. Kükládi stílusú ház
  2. Tinos
Krokos Ház I - Anoi (Felső emelet)
  1. Kükládi stílusú ház
  2. Perastra
"Παλιό Καφενείο "Le vieux café"
  1. Teljes vendégház
  2. Komi
Gyönyörű hagyományos vendégház

A legjobb értékelésű programok Perastra területén

Minőség szempontjából ellenőrzött és helyi szakértők által vezetett különleges tevékenységek

  • Your personal Mykonos Photographer!
    Instagram: psyllas_photography We will meet at the windmills, we are going to find a nice place at Little Venice where we will chat to get to know each other better and optimise the whole experience for you . Once we chat we are going for a walk around Mykonos town to make some lovely photos of you with background the most beautiful landmarks of Mykonos. I will tell you some tips and answer your questions about Mykonos. By the time we finish with the photoshoot I am going to pass you all the photos via a usb stick I will provide for you or I could airdrop all the pictures to your apple device. I am going to edit 10 pictures per person of your choice. Other things to note: -Bring good vibes and smiles :D -If you want a family photoshoot, you can bring your kids for free! FAQ “You only do 6:30am in the morning?” No I can do the photo tour at anytime feels better for you but I am highly recommending early morning for 2 reasons, first lighting is superior than any other time of the day and secondly the earlier we do the photo tour less people would be at the streets. “Should I book early morning or evening?” I recommend morning! Evening photo tour is nice as well, we get some different locations in each session because of the lighting is different but for me morning is better. “Can I bring extra outfits?” Yes you can
    Akár Ár:Ft41 990/fő
  • Tour in Mykonian Land & Wine Tasting
    Visiting the beautiful Greek wineries is a wonderful experience and a dream come true for most of us. If you really want to enjoy the local amenities and locations, as well as some great wine, all you have to do is to enroll in our tour. We will explore our local winery and we will make it easy for you to see where the Greek wine comes from and you can even check it out and enjoy it on your own. It’s a very distinctive experience and one that will push the boundaries, delivering some resounding benefits and results every time. The commitment is to value and quality, and you will be heavily impressed with the results and the entire process in a professional way. Our tour is taking 2 hours, it will guide you through the olive grove and then it will bring you at the vineyards. Here you get to see exactly how wine is made and you get to enjoy and cherish it in a way that’s very different and fun all the time. It’s a very nice idea to be able to see the old school, historical locations and the type of activities that people have been doing for millennia with little to no changes. It’s really exciting and a great way to gain an insight into the old days. Once that is done, you will go outside with the group and you will stay together for a little bit. You get to enjoy some very tasty mykonian appetizers and you get to listen to some traditional music.
    Akár Ár:Ft20 995/fő
  • Vacation Photography in Mykonos -Private
    Instagram: @couvanos Whether you want a photo session with your partner, family, friends or just alone prepare to pose and ’shine’, you'll have great photos to share in your social media that will look amazing and you will keep this unique photo experience with your beloved ones forever! Groups are private and the price is per/guest. Do not hessitate to text me if you've got any questions either here or on my insta: @couvanos Will provide you ALL the Photos (more than 800 photos) of the shooting in resolution ideal fro your social media after light edit in lightroom at the SAME DAY and five retouched pics in high res of your choice. I will upload them on an online gallery or I can send them through wetransfer. You can always ask me to help you with your Tik-Tok videos with your phone. No limit of people if you are a group coming together (message me to open more spaces) If the time is not available drop me a message. LGTB Friendly. In case of a proposal drop me a message. Portfolio: Tips accepted! Other things to note Please be on time at the meeting point, MAX delay 15 min. If arranged time is not suitable, please get in touch to re-arrange as early as possible. More than 15min delay will be considered as NO SHOW.
    Akár Ár:Ft43 740/fő
  • Oyster Tasting with a Local Fisherman
    Welcome to Mykonos, home to some of the juiciest and most delicious seafood in Greece! Located on a secret beach with crystal clear waters, fresh air and amazing sea life, you will have the chance to taste Oysters and Greek clams with a local. You'll be spoilt with plenty of oysters and clams all of them from Mykonos island and handpicked from local fishermen every morning. Our head guide is a real fisherman and loves spearfishing and oyster picking, working alongside the most famous fishmongers in Mykonos he knows how to catch and pick the best oysters and clams and create a unique Oysters and Clams Tasting picnic, delivered straight from the sea to you. We invite you to enjoy our authentic tasting experience accompanied by Ouzo, Tsipouro or White Wine or Bubbles. HIGHLIGHTS * Visit the crystal clear waters of our secret beach location. * Learn from a genuine oyster picker how to taste our juicy oysters & clams. * Taste delicious Mykonian oysters fresh out of the water accompanied by fresh veggies. * Learn how to shuck an oyster and choose between aromatic Mediterranean dressings. * Enjoy fresh oysters and clams paired with a glass of Ouzo, Tsipouro or premium wine or bubbles.
    Akár Ár:Ft34 292/fő
  • Mykonos Brewing Company Tour & Tasting
    Join us on a 45 min adventure inside the cave of the brewing Giants. You will learn how we convert natural ingredients to delicious brews, be told the myths surrounding Mykonos and all whilst sipping on 6 of our small-batch beers. If you’re still standing, get your hands on some tasty, limited-edition Mikonu beers available only in our brewery!
    Akár Ár:Ft8 748/fő

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