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Valencia Cathedral

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September 07, 2019
House of the holy grail.
August 29, 2019
The Metropolitan Cathedral–Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia, alternatively known as Saint Mary's Cathedral or Valencia Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic parish church in Valencia.
July 07, 2019
Historical place. You can’t come to Valencia and not visit the Cathedral+Basilica. Every Thursdays you can see the historical “tribunal de les aigües”, they are judges deciding about water.
March 01, 2019
The beautiful and historic Spanish city of Valencia is a major tourist destination in Europe. While you will love exploring the amazing central market and marine aquarium, there are destinations for the religiously inclined too. In fact, religious or not, you ought to pay a visit to the ancient…
October 18, 2018
It's the place where it all started. In 138 B.C. Valencia was founded here. Where is the Cathedral was the Vesta Goddess Temple, few steps aside the Roman forum, an all around developed the Roman city of Valencia. Rests of its origins are still visible in the archeological museum and from the…

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“Impressive building of Modernist style. The food stalls inside are a pleasure for the senses. ”
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“ City of Arts and Sciences is a cultural and architectural complex in the city of Valencia. It is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia and one of the 12 Treasures of Spain.”
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“If you’re into gothic architecture, you can’t miss LA LONJA. This building once was one of the most important stock markets ever. It’s the richest and most beautiful civil gothic building in Spain. ”
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“Plaza de Toros de Valencia is a bullring in València. It was built between 1850 and 1859 in the neoclassical style, inspired by civil Roman architecture such as the Colosseum in Rome or the Arena of Nîmes. It was built by the Valencian architect Sebastián Monleón Estellés.”
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Dog Run
“The Serrans Gate or Serranos Gate, also known as Serrans Towers or Serranos Towers is one of the twelve gates that formed part of the ancient city wall, the Christian Wall, of the city of Valencia, Spain. It was built in Valencian Gothic style at the end of the 14th century.”
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s/n Plaça de l'Almoina
València, Comunidad Valenciana 46003
Telefonszám+34 963 91 81 27