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Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces

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July 7, 2016
Vineyards :) Very special place.
June 5, 2016
Covering 800 hectares, Lavaux is the largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland, and its daringly constructed hillside terraces have been protected by UNESCO since 2007. This is a fantastic place for hiking offering a staggering view on the Geneva Lake and the mountains. You have also the…
December 29, 2015
A must see! Unesco heritage
September 22, 2015
UNESCO World Heritage site since 2007. Spectecular views. The blue-yellow «Train des Vignes"» takes you from Vevey to idyllic wine villages like St-Saphorin, Dézaley, Epesses. Perfect for winelovers.
August 1, 2015
The Lavaux vineyards have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Programme since 2007. The site illustrates the interaction between man and Nature. It's henceforth protected from creeping urbanisation

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“The City's castle is where the Canton's Government works, so it is not open for visits.”
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“Park & tower in the high region of Lausanne. Accessible by bus or car or even walk for the braves. You can easily spend a couple of hours or half a day walking in that park, and going up the tower for a 360 degrees view of lausanne region and beyond, the lake and mountains sceneries are worth the visit. There are a couple of cafés/restaurants in that park as well, worth a visit.”
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“Perfect place for Swiss food. If you'd like to try a good fondue, get one here!”
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“Takes you to Ouchy (direction Ouchy) To get back is direction Croisettes (stop in Flon)”
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““Le Baron Tavernier” – At the heart of the Lavaux Vineyards, a UNESCO heritage site, this restaurant and SPA offers an exceptional experience to epicureans from around the world. Magnificent view on lake Leman and vineyards. Tel: +41 21 926 60 00 Address: Route de la Corniche 4, 1070 Chexbres ”
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Puidoux, VD